Naagin (Nagin) 20th March 2016 Episode: Mayuri’s reality exposed in front of Sasha !

Naagin 24th April 2016 Episode

In this episode of Naagin, we have seen a direct clash between Hrithik and Shivanya. Earlier Hrithik has given the challenge to prove her wrong, and she will have to leave his house.

Naagin Sunday Episode

Hrithik reminded her of the promise and told he only wants to make her understand what she was telling is wrong. Mayuri came after Hrithik and started challenging her again.

Sasha came to meet Shivanya and gave her a critical tool to prove that Ankush is not Hrithik’s father. She gave him his childhood family photo where he was seen with Maharaja. But Shivanya goes scared of showing the same to Hrithik as it may have serious consequences. Hrithik has already slapped her once for doing such a thing.

Shivanya somehow arranges the courage to reveal the truth to him. She dropped the photo by mistake and Mayuri enters the room asking for his help. Shivanya told her to leave the room immediately as she should not bother privacy of a couple, Mayuri left the room. Shivanya said that she had accepted her mistake, and she will continue staying with him.

When Sasha was about to enter the Shivani’s house, she spotted a peacock feather on the floor and in no time she realises that peacock is in the house, after that she went to Gurudev for consultation.

Gurudev appreciated her activeness and told that the peacock is dangerous than anything for Naagin, he assures her that he is going to make rain outside Hrithik’s house which will make peacock go outside the house.

Shivanya was unable to find the photo. Meanwhile, Mayuri reaches the canvas and took it to Yamini and told her that she found it in Hrithik’s room. Yamini doubted Naagin involvement in the scenario. She advanced to Shivanya’s room.

Yamini comes to her and shows her the picture. On being enquired, she replies that she bought a book from Haveli and inside that the photo was lying. Yamini threated up a story that Ankush is a criminal and killed her brother.

She told that Ankush was the killer of her brother, and she have to marry him to save Hrithik from getting killed. Yamini begs not to reveal the fact that she is not the real mother of Hrithik, Shivanya happily promises her not to say anything about it.

Yamini took a pledge from her to save Hrithik in every situation, she promises. Yamini got a chance and hugged her, as she was wearing guru maa’s ring, Shivanya’s skin turned into snake’s skin. Yamini got the clue.

Hrithik calls Shivanya on the terrace to apologise for scolding her. Rain starts and Mayuri came out and began dancing senselessly. Mayuri hugs and kisses him, he resists. Meanwhile, Shivanya came and spotted them together. Shivanya went downstairs, and he follows.

Shivanya and Hrithik had a reconciliation in their room after Shivanya started crying and he proves her innocence. Sasha spotted Peacock on the roof, and their fight started. Mor wins the battle after attacking her neck; she gave her warning to not to kill her otherwise Naagin wouldn’t spare her.

Sasha left her in an unconscious state.

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