Naagin (Nagin) 26th March 2016 Episode – Colors TV: Sesha killed Mayuri and captured Guru Maa with her !

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Naagin 26th March 2016: In the very bizarre episode of Naagin, unexpected changes we have observed in the show. Sangram Singh comes back in haveli and tells the 5-mouth snake to protect the Naagmani. He closed down the room after came to know that Mahishmati is coming to destroy humans. He tells Naag that he will have to leave now to protect Hrithik.

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Mayuri came to Yamini’s room and informed her how she have killed Shivanya’s sister. Yamini goes happily after listening to this; she took the bottle of Naagin’s blood from her. Mayuri informs her that Guru Maa will force her to reveal the location of Naagmani with the help of this.

Shivanya comes in their room and complaints about Mayuri of trying to woo Hrithik. Yamini scolds her and instructs her to leave the house. She throws her away from the house being good in Shivanaya’s eyes and apologises her for taking Mayuri in the house.

In her room, Hrithik appreciates Shivanya intelligence of sending back Mayuri from the house so quickly. Hrithik got a dream in a night where Sangram Singh was fighting the devils and telling him to run away from here. Shivanya woke up and thinks its Ankush, who is repeatedly attacking him and she have to save him now.

Yamini dresses differently like a detective and ignores Ankush when he was asking where she is heading. Yamini leaves her request, and he gets angry for it.

They all, Yamini, Guru Maa and Mayuri visits to injured Sesha to torture her to reveal the location of Naagmani. While they were torturing Sesha in the jungle, Shivanya reaches Shiv Mandir in search of Sesha.

Guru Dev informed her that Sesha left the place to identify the peacock in the house. Shivanya recalls her counter with Mayuri when she was dancing nonsense; she clued that Mayuri is the peacock. She informs him about all this.


Guru Dev tells that he could now detect Sesha using some mantras. He started chanting mantras and found Sesha tortured by Guru Maa and Yamini in the jungle.

Sesha finally got a chance and grabbed Mayuri in her tail. Because of Neem tree, her powers were increased, and she started touching Mayuri. Shivanya also comes and began beating her. Yamini and Guru Maa starts running of seeing them trying to kill Mayuri. Shivanya goes home to find out the 5th murderer. Sesha goes back behind Guru Maa and catches her.  (Also See: Rocky Handsome Collections)

Sesha overpowers Mayuri and grips Mayuri in her tail. She says Naagin’s powers double today if they pray neem tree and they were under a neem tree. She tortures Mayuri instead. Yamini hides behind a tree. Shivanya joins Sesha, and they both beat Mayuri. Mayuri says they both cannot bite her. Shivanya says nagin has lots of other ways to kill and burns Mayuri by spitting fire from her mouth. Yamini silently runs from there to her car.

Gurumaa also runs. Sesha says they will know who the 5th murderer is and will catch Gurumaa first. Shivanya leaves for home. Sesha catches Gurumaa. Gurumaa runs all around. Sesha duplicates herself and many Sesha’s surround guru ma. Sesha then starts her heavy dialogues and tortures Gurumaa.

Yamini tried to ignore Shivanaya when she returns home in the Naagin form. She calls Shivanya and says she heard her ornaments sound, so realized she came back to the house. Shivanya told her that she was at the house in the garden with Hrithik. She plans to kill her soon.

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