Naagin (Nagin) 3rd April 2016 Episode – Colors TV: Hrithik saved Shivanya from getting killed by Sadhus

Naagin 24th April 2016 Episode

Naagin story just took a new turn which was loved by the most of the audience. The story of Naagin has changed to Sesha and Shivanya fighting for Hrithik together to Sesha getting attracted to Hrithik. Sesha calls up her touch and first meeting with Hrithik and thinks it’s wrong as she is a Naagin and she couldn’t love humans. (check: WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results 2016.)

Naagin Sunday Episode

Yamini comes from the backside and woos her to take Hrithik in exchange. She gave her the offer to free Hrithik from Shivanya’s love and get married to him. Sesha wasn’t able to resist the offer and agrees to do whatever Yamini wants.

Naagin (Nagin) 3rd April 2016

Yamini tried to fool her with handing over a fake Naagmani, but Sesha throws it. Yamini did some drama and tried to assure her that everything would be okay very soon. Sesha listens to Shivanya’s plea for her and rushes in Naagin form.

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Sesha reached the jungle and found some sadhus taking control over Icchadhari Nagin’s which includes Shivanya.

Hrithik goes into a flashback where his father Sangram Singh saved a Naagin from a hawk and told him that their duty is to protect Icchadhari Naagins. He spotted a tattoo on Sangram Singh’s neck, Hrithik found it accurate and runs to save the naagin.

Sesha comes and gets preyed while trying to rescue Shivanya. Sadhus’ head told his followers to throw the naagins in the fire. Sesha justified that she got late because being surrounded by the family members of the house. The followers decided to throw Sesha first.

Hrithik comes to the jungle, and a priest tells him that God has selected him to save the animals from being sacrificed for black magic. He goes to the sadhus and challenges him. Sesha and Shivanya manage themselves to get free and escape.

Shivanya comes back as Sadhus are getting heavier over Hrithik, she bites one Sadhu and then police comes and rescues him arresting the Sadhus gang. Hrithik feels getting his job done by saving the animals.

Hrithik comes to the Shiv Mandir in hope that he will get a chance to meet Shivanya. Shivanya reaches there and recalls that she has once told him that she visits the temple every eka dashi. She reaches inside the temple before Hrithik.

Hrithik promises himself to take Shivanya along with him today to the house. Sesha watches them pouring milk on the shiv ling together and starts getting emotional for him thinking that she could be in her place. She gets in her senses and wonders why she is getting attracted to him.

Shivanya and Hrithik enter in the house together; Yamini tried to show her concern saying that she got anxious about them. Shivanya tells her that she goes to buy the groceries followed by the temple.

Hrithik added and explained about his incident with Sadhus. Yamini tells him not to risk his life for Naagin. Hrithik counters that saving innocent animals is his work, she advocates that she is proud of him for this.

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