Neerja 18th Day Collection: 3rd Monday Box Office Report – Doing better business than many recent hits!

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Neerja 18th Day Collection 18 Days Neerja 3rd Monday Box Office Business and Occupancy Report: Neerja collection was a most trending subject on the boxoffice after its initial release for around two weeks. Many govt made the film tax free which has helped in boosting out the film’s collections for the movie producers.  (check: Jai Gangaajal collection.)

The movie performed much better than the other movies which were released during the same week. Aligarh of Manoj Bajpayee touched a really sensitive issue was not that great success in the country while this flick which is complete projection of lifetime achievement of N Bhanot performed much better in the box office.

Neerja 18th Day Collection

18 Days Neerja 3rd Monday Box Office

The initial release of the film was on the 700 screens throughout the India, which is much less than many other movies of leading superstars. Numbers of screens were grown after the initial release and getting the positive reviews. Sonam Kapoor’s last movie ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ was also a hit despite getting negative reviews.

With a good pre-release buzz and some attractive songs like ‘Maa’ and ‘Gehra Ishq’ movie was successful in fetching out a great audience. The opening occupancy during the starting days was around 25% which dropped to 5% during the last weekend.

Neerja 18th Day Collection 18 Days Neerja 3rd Monday Box Office

After the release of ‘Jai Gangaajal’ a great downfall has been observed in the Neerja collections, the movie which was collecting over 2 crore rupees on the weekdays, dropped to less than 2 crores in the weekends.

On First Weekend, it was a great success for Neerja collection as the movie jumped out around 1.7 times of the initial opening boxoffice collections. Overall the whole week was a good fetch out experience for the movie lovers.

Neerja 18th Day Collection 18 Days Neerja 3rd Monday Box Office
Neerja CollectionAmount
  1st Week
Friday04.70 cr
 Saturday07.60 crore
 Sunday09.71 crores
 Monday03.70 cr
 Tuesday03.41 crore
 Wednesday03.14 crores
 Thursday03.06 cr
  1st Week Total Collection35.32 crores
  2nd Week
 Friday03.15 crore
 Saturday05.00 cr
 Sunday06.65 crore
 Monday02.12 crores
 Tuesday01.90 cr
 Wednesday01.85 crore
 Thursday01.76 cr
  2nd Week Total Collection22.43 cr
  3rd Week
  Friday01.28 cr
  Saturday02.20 cr
  Sunday02.69 cr
  Total Domestic Collection63.79 cr
  Total Overseas Collection20.61 cr
  Total Worldwide Collection83.40 cr

Neerja 18th Day Collection – Rs. 1 cr [early estimates]

Neerja 18 Days Box Office Collections – Rs. 65 + 20 crores [domestic + overseas](to be updated)

18 Days Neerja 3rd Monday Box Office

Overall the overseas collections of the movie stopped after a week and so, but the earnings from domestic market are still better than other movies released after Sonam Kapoor’s starrer.

It is already a super hit film. Film did a strong business in the overseas market too with 1.5 million $ over the weekend and 2.1 million $ in 10 days. The film has now 90 cr worldwide gross and 85 crores nett business.


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