Neerja 6th Weekend Collection: 38th Day (38 Days) Box Office Report

Neerja 6th Weekend Collection 38 Days Neerja 38th Day Box Office Business Report: Sonam Kapoor in the lead role, Neeraj came out with a buzz. The film has gathered mixed reviews from all the critics. Since it was a biopic, the audience wanted to feel some motivated as Akshay Kumar’s Airlift has already set the track. It was worth a try for the whole Team and it turned out good. (check: Batman v Superman collection.)

Neerja’s budget was 210 million. Ram Madhvani was confident with the film. The government went a step ahead and declared it as tax-free movie in most of the states. Vishal Khurrana’s intense music helped the film to grab everyone’s attention.

Neerja 6th Weekend Collection

38 Days Neerja 38th Day Box Office

The movie was opened with 7000 screens. On day 1, which was Friday, the movie bagged 4.70 cr. On Saturday and Sunday, there was a drastic rise. So by the end of the first weekend, Neerja gathered around 21 crores. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Collections were stable. So the movie stood at 35.32 cr by first seven days.

Fingers crossed for the producers as it was second week. Though it started pretty low, weekends showed good response from the audience once again. By now, audience were loving the film and sharing it to all. As a result, Neerja’s 2nd week collections ended at 22.43 cr.

Neerja 6th Weekend Collection 38 Days Neerja 38th Day Box Office

3rd and 4th week were good too from the makers point of view. Neerja was standing strong as there weren’t any movies lined up for release. It has already crossed Kahaani’s collections. Neerja collected 10.03 cr in week 3 and 5 .42 cr in week 4.

In week 5, Neerja’s collections were dropping and it ended at 1.84 cr. In 6th week, the flick made 30 lakhs. So by the end oh 6 weeks, Neerja Domestic Box Office Collections stood at 75.21 cr.

Neerja Overseas Collections Report

In overseas, Neerja was admired and appreciated. Audience accepted the film and openings were good. Neerja did a business of 1.5 million $ by the end of opening weekend. In 18 days, it was 3.69 million $. Finally, Sonam gets a hit.

Neerja Worldwide Collections Report

Neerja did a business of 100 crore byy 6 weeks. Do take a look at the complete earning report of Neerja.

Neerja Box Office Collections Chart

India Collection
  1st Week  Amount (in crores)
Friday 04.70
 Saturday 07.60
 Sunday 09.71
 Monday 03.70
 Tuesday 03.41
 Wednesday 03.14
 Thursday 03.06
  1st Week Total Collection 35.32
  2nd Week
 Friday 03.15
 Saturday 05.00
 Sunday 06.65
 Monday 02.12
 Tuesday 01.90
 Wednesday 01.85
 Thursday 01.76
  2nd Week Total Collection 22.43
  3rd Week 
  Friday 01.28
  Saturday 02.20
  Sunday 02.69
  Monday 01.45
  Tuesday 00.90
  Wednesday 00.81
  Thursday 00.70
  3rd Week Total Collection 10.03
  4th Week
  Friday 00.65
  Saturday 01.30
  Sunday 01.50
  Monday 00.56
  Tuesday 00.51
  Wednesday 00.44
  Thursday 00.46
Week Fourth Total Collection 05.42
  5th Week 
  Friday 00.24
  Saturday 00.31
  Sunday 00.54
 Monday 00.21
 Tuesday 00.19
 Wednesday 00.18
 Thursday 00.17
 5th Week Collection 01.84
 6th Week 00.30
  Total Domestic Collection 75.21
  Total Overseas Collection 24.81
  Total Worldwide Collection 100.02
Sonam delivers a Hit.

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