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Neerja Movie Review and Rating: Neerja is the story of Neerja Bhanot (Sonam Kapoor) who is an independent matured girl who has great clarity about her future. She aspires to become either a model or an air hostess. With great support from her family, she turns an air hostess and she faces an unusual situation on her first board. The flight carrying 300 passengers gets hijacked and Neerja saves the passengers on board from the hands of the hijackers losing her life. This forms the story of Neerja. Watch the complete movie to know how it happens.

Neerja Review

The first half of the film has been well written and perfectly executed. Every single scene looks natural and it has been framed well to form the characters. The movie catches pace slowly and the movie maintains the stability throughout. The audience sits curiously throughout the first half and without the second thought, the complete first half has been well written and executed. Neerja keeps the audience engaging though the story has nothing hidden.

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The second half of the film too maintains the same pace and the director made sure that the major plot of the film has not deviated. The drama quotient has been less and the editing has been crisp enough. There are flaws in between but the pre-climax and the climax episodes have been shot well that the movie ends up on a highly impressive note. The emotional and heart touching climax makes the audience come out with wept faces.

All we can say about Neerja Review that its a must watch film this weekend

Neerja Casts

Sonam Kapoor traveled miles as an actor and she has done a stupendous job with her performance. The audience will be left in shock with the transformation of Sonam Kapoor and she is the major highlight of the film. Shabana Azmi has been super in the supporting role in the movie. Her performance during the climax is extremely moving. Yogendra Tiku has been decent and Shekhar Ravjani surprises in a cameo. All the other actors have been decent with their performances.

The story of the movie has been known to everyone. The screenplay of the movie has been extremely gripping and the dialogues have been meaningful. The music has been apt, decent and so is the background score. The editing has been crisp and the cinematography has been completely suitable. The production values have been grand enough and the director Ram Madhvani brings out the best output for the film.


Sonam Kapoor




Music and Cinematography


Flaws in the second half

Hurried pre-climax.

Final Word:

Neerja is a must watch film this weekend for the stupendous performances and the outstanding narration. Go watch it.

Neerja Movie Review and Rating: 3.5/5


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