Neerja Review and Rating: One of the best movie by Sonam Kapoor till date

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Neerja Review and Rating: Neerja movie released today featuring Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Azmi in leading roles. The movie most of the times revolves around the Sonam’s cast. Neerja is actually a movie whose script is drafted for the only win-win situation.

Sonam Kapoor has been quite selective these days and she has been doing challenging roles. After an impressive performance in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, she is back with her latest film Neerja which is based on the biopic of flight attendant Neerja Bhanot who fought against terrorists and saved 300 passengers after a flight has been hijacked in Pakistan.

Neerja Bhanot has been shot dead by the Palestinian terrorists who hijacked Pan AM flight 73 in Karachi, the incident took place on September 5th, 1986. Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Azmi played the lead roles in the movie which has been directed by Ram Madhvani.

Vishal Khurana composed the music and Mitesh Mirchandani is the cinematographer. The movie has been produced by Atul Kasbekar and Shanti Sivaram Maini on Bling Unplugged and Fox Star Studios. Neerja has been made on a budget of Rs 25 crores and the movie has been slated for release all over on February 19th across the world.

Neerja Review

Neerja Shooting Locations and Cinematography

Overall the shooting locations are nicely drafted. Being an average budget film at the box office, Neerja technically hadn’t faced any financial problem. Around 30% of the part is strictly limited inside the flight. Although recreation of Pan Am Airlines was not possible to such extent because their planes were exclusive in class.

The part shot in Mumbai and other parts of India is very much satisfactory. Recreation of 90s scenario was something which director needed to focus upon. Many details like electronic appliances and other furniture were the development areas. Many a times film actually projects 80s lifestyle but the very other moment it look like 20s.

Sonam Kapoor role in Neerja

Sonam Kapoor has a very versatile role in the film, as a flight attendant who always need to have a smile on her face. As a daughter who shares some bonds with her mother. As a wife who have to satisfy her husband. While playing the role of flight attendant she has to fake ‘fake smile’ on her face, which is actually not an easy task.

Kudos to Sonam Kapoor as her facial impressions are the nerve of the movie and she had just nailed it.

Overall Neerja Review

The movie is one of the best movie of the century making youngsters remind about the forgotten heroes of India. The story is super fantastic. Emotions are needed to play with a touch, almost every character in ‘Neerja’ is aware of their roles.

Don’t expect much from the film as it would get very much predictable after the first half. It was interesting to see how Sonam’s make up changes automatically in the movie at different points of time (Even when she is in flight)

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Neerja Movie Rating: 3.5 Stars

After back to back successes of content oriented films, Indian audience have been eagerly waiting for the next unique film Neerja which created enough sensation with the trailer. The revealed theatrical trailer has been highly impressive which raised the expectations on the film.

The trailer has been trending for much time and the makers are extensively promoting the film. The makers have shown the film to Bollywood celebrities and they have been left in wow after watching the film. The complete Bollywood has been waiting for the film’s release and Sonam Kapoor’s performance in the movie has been well-praised.

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