Nisekoi Season 3: Character, Plot, Anime Spoilers, Release Date 2019

Nisekoi Season 3
Nisekoi Season 3

Nisekoi Season 3: Nisekoi is one of the most popular anime television series based on a manga written by Naoshi Komi. Along with the regional language, the television series also received a pack of applauds from fans around the world for its English version of the manga. The initial release of same happened first in December 2011. Nisekoi ‘Fake Love’ is an anime series covering the fake relationships.

After the initial introduction first season released during 11th Jan and May 24, after Nisekoi season 1 earning good audience Season 2 aired in mid-2015 between April 10 and June 26, 2015. After an initial release in Tokyo, it got released in America by Aniplex. The broadcasting rights in America are currently with Aniplex. Fans are already waiting for Nisekoi Season 3 after two successful seasons of the anime series.

Update: No new news about Nisekoi Season 3 till November

Nisekoi Season 3

Back in 2016, there were a lot of speculations of Nisekoi season 3 release date but the picture appears to be getting clear a bit now as Nisekoi Season 3. However, it’s notable that there is no official news about the new season release date but we got some inside news about the third season. Just for information, Manga got over 25 volumes with 229 chapters and there is no shortage of content for next season.

Nisekoi Anime Series: Plot or Storyline

All the attention gets grabbed by the high school student, Raku Ichijo, a reserved and hesitant guy. The young man is the son of Yakuza Shuei-Gumi. The series follows Chitoge Kirisaki as the female lead. Chitoge is the daughter of the leader of Beehive (rival syndicate) and completely opposite to the male lead in the series. She inherits the traits of being self-assured and confident.

Raku and Chitoge met each other fortuitously in the high school. The coming time made them tie in a bond of friendship and soon they perceived that they are the kids of two opposition parties. This made them worry about their relationship. In the series, we get to see another female lead named Kosaki Onodera. She is the best friend of Raku from childhood. The plot revolves around a number of complications in the love story which include many happenings and events. This is what makes the audience more excited to watch the series.

Nisekoi Season 3: News and Updates

A perfect conclusion is still in wait to be captured by the viewers. Season 2 ended with many parts unrevealed. The endings may become the beginnings of Season3. This makes the chances of upcoming third installment more possible. The fans are expecting another installment for Nisekoi. Some websites also showed the possible release date for season 3 of Nisekoi. That was a hoax. No such official announcement regarding the release has been out yet. This is degrading the hopes of fans for another season.

Season 1 was scripted with 20 episodes, all of which earned good ratings. Soon, the second installment was aired with 12 episodes only. In the first installment, we saw a lot of twists and turns which eventually decreased the script for 2nd installment.

Not only some speculations for the release date were made but also there were some speculations for the story themes and events. One of which hints that Ichigo will take a step forward and confess his feelings for Kirisaki. The audience wishes to see more explorations in this field and so the creators will show their response to this part. The two lead characters are loveable for the viewers to watch. Another heard conjecture hints towards the coming of Yui-nee’s in the new season.

Nisekoi Season 3: Release date

The conjectures about the new installment haven’t been interrupted by the Nisekoi team yet. This means that the stop to Nisekoi Season 3 release is not possible. The audience is in hopes to see another installment with some new events. Till now, nothing official is been announced. We’ll update the page as soon as we get to know more news and updates.

In our opinion, the hurdles for Nisekoi 3 are not much big. Manga is having a lot of content to be produced and there is linea of anime producers willing to make Nisekoi s3 a reality.


  • Raku Ichijo: A student who wants to be a civil servant. He gets confused among the girls having the key to unlock the locket that a girl gave him ten years ago when he was traveling abroad with this father. In the end, he decides to marry Chitoge.
  • Chitoge Kirisaki: Daughter of the Beehive gang’s leader. She was also promised a boy with a locket 10 years ago. She didn’t know it was Raku. She becomes a successful fashion designer. Kirisaki is a born leader, smart and capable girl.
  • Kosaki Onodera: A kind-hearted classmate of Raku. She pretends that she doesn’t know about Raku’s crush on her. After becoming a pastry chef, she gets to design Raku’s wedding cake.

Which is your favourite lead character- male lead or female lead? Share your opinion in the comment box below.

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