Om Shanti Om Review Rating [Tamil Movie]


Finally, the wait is over for Om Shanti Om. One of the most awaited Tamil movie is here for us in the theaters this weekend. So are you ready to watch it on Big Screen? Srikanth and Neelam Upadhyaya in the lead roles, the star cast itself shows a lot of maturity in the trailer too. As far as the movie is concerned, many good reviews are flowing in and here we are here to add one more to the list. So before you rush to the theaters, take a look at Om Shanti Om Review Rating. This might help you have a better experience.

Om Shanti Om Story Line

Before we go into the plot details, I request you all to take a look at the Om Shanti Om Trailer. Why are we insisting me to watch the trailer/ It is because wit will give you idea on the genre of the film? Srikanth, tis actor is just going places and folks don’t miss the trailer.

Coming to the plot details, it is said that a guy who is traveling in the bus met with an accident. He wakes up and realises that he is followed by 5 different ghosts with unfinished businesses and Srikanth decides to be a mediator and help them sort out their problems.

Om Shanti Om Review

Om Shanti Om 2015 movie is all about good business. If you are ready to watch this film, make sure you don’t compare this film with any others. Each and every film is unique is made on a lot of hard work. So just watch it and you will love it for sure.

Om Shanti Om Review

Coming to the review, Om Shanti Om is a perfect entertainer. Though you will not find comedy in this one. But it has got mass,  drama and action in it.

Music by Vijay Ebenezer was really a crucial asset for the film. BGM worked out amazing too. All kudos to the man behind the film, D Surya Prabhakar. Yes, we are talking about the director who manages to pull off a good miracle.

Coming to the star performances, Srikanth a Neelam just nailed the show and also you will love the protagonist role too. Though there was a bit of lag, it ended on a good note.

So folks we strongly recommend you all to watch the film asap.

Om Shanti Om Rating

The film is attracting the mass audience. Since Tamilnadu is filled with families, this movie a must watch for all. Coming to the review rating, we would be rating 3/5 stars for Om Shanti Om [2015]. Share your views and enjoy watching the film.