‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 6 Episode 11 (S6E11) Spoilers, Promo, Air Date: Regina to revert to evil self?

Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 11
Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 11

Once Upon A Time Season 6 Spoilers, Air Date, Promo 6×11: The return of the show will bring some of the most exciting things. The remaining half of OUAT season 6 will show the importance of Regina’s heart. It will be interesting to see if she will be able to eliminate her dark side or not.

The first half of this installment of OUAT brought us the aftermath of a spell which split Regina’s dark side and created the Evil Queen. With the exclusion of her dark side, Regina is trying her best to protect Storybrooke and her friends. Along with it, she is all things possible to find a way and defeat the Evil Queen.

Once Upon A Time Season 6 Spoilers, Air Date, Promo

In the midseason 6 finale, we saw Regina turning back to her dark side as she killed the wish realm versions of Snow and Charming. Ep 10 released on December 4, we saw Regina trying making Emma remember her life in Storybrooke and her role as a Savior. The Evil Queen made a wish that transported Emma to another realm.


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When Regina killed the duo, it appeared that she still has a dark side and a black heart inside her. During an interview with us, the showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis said that the remaining half of the season 6 of OUAT would tackle whether Regina can exist without dipping into her evil side.

Kitsis, further, stated that some of the upcoming storylines would dive deep into the myths regarding the separation of the good and bad side of a person. Also, Horowitz said that the real condition of Regina’s heart would play a crucial role in the following part of this installment.

According to other news and source, Regina and Emma will encounter a familiar face in the wish realm who may help them find their way back to their destination. Pinocchio aka August Booth will be seen in an upcoming episode.

Once Upon a Time Season 6 will release and resume with its midseason premiere in March 2017 on ABC network. Below is its promo clip.

Stay tuned.

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