One Piece Chapter 901 Spoilers and Release Date: Manga Leaks Reveals New Arc

One Piece Chapter 968 Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions, Synopsis
One Piece Chapter 968 Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions, Synopsis

One Piece chapter 901 is scheduled to release on April 16, 2018. But, here we have some of its spoilers. In the chapter 900 of One Piece manga, the turn of events were funnily unexpected. However, it was expected as usual.

As per many fan theories, the cake turned out to be mysteriously delicious. It got attracted Big Mom and she liked to the extend that she finally decided to put a full stop on her rampage and the longing desire for war. But, they failed to understand that it won’t be enough to stop her attack on Straw Hat Pirates and others.

One Piece Chapter 901 Spoilers and Release Date

The Big Mom Pirates’ flagship fleet reigned terror on everyone and by the end of last chapter, the Thousand Sunny’s debris submerged into the water as it got hit by cannon fire. Only Jolly Roger was floating hinting the hazard everyone witnessed.

The fans of One Piece manga are still expecting that the Straw Hat Pirates can’t end this way and they will seen once again, but after a while, though. Some redditors think that the cliffhanger will continue in One Piece 901 and a new arc will be seen kicking off emphasizing the Reverie.

one piece chapter 901
one piece 901

As the rumors suggest, the cliffhanger will give birth to the Wano Arc. The Wano Country appears to be the next stop if we rightly get the hints from the Jump magazine’s latest issue. It is being assumed that the crew takes shelter at the said island after the Big Mom attack.

However, we don’t have much details as of now. But, it is already known that it is the home of Samurai. And Samurai are much powerful than Marines that they don’t want to take a trouble from them. As of now, it seems that the Beasts PiratesĀ  have made it their home.

After sustaining such a powerful and damaging attack, it’s not advisable for Luffy and group to go there. But they do need to travel and reach the nearest land possible in One Piece chapter 901.

As per the Wano country’s policies, the outsiders should avoid going there as they aren’t too welcoming. Also, they won’t let them leave either. So, it looks like the Straw Hat Pirates will find themselves stuck in a difficult task.

As the action comes to the island, many are hoping that Zoro’s left injury mystery will come into light and resolved. When the former bounty hunter used the time skip technique, he got a cut over his eye. It wasn’t revealed how it happened. There are rumors that it is related to Wano.

There are speculations that the factual record of how the Straw Hat Pirates survived won’t be revealed in chapter 901 of One Piece Wano Arc. According to them, the arc won’t reveal how the group survived the tragedy havoked by Big Mom.

So, it might be possible that it would only be revealed when the new arc dwindles into the Whole Cake Island arc. The series creator Eiichiro Oda is enjoying a week’s break. So, the manga One Piece chapter 901 release date is 16th April 2018.

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