TVF Permanent Roommates S02E02 Review


TVF Latest episode from the web television series, Permanent Roommates is all here. Earlier the series’ first part was a hit on YouTube which has been watched more than a million times. In the Season 2 Episode 3 of Permanent Roommates it can be seen that the team has worked literally very hard to edge up everything in order to overcome the odds.

Not a single minute in the whole series is not surprising for you. These guys even get married Purushottam aka Property Dealer aka Taxi Driver crush with his own father to make the audience laugh. The storyline of episode 2 was basically ‘extraordinary love stories’.

In this series we have seen how father of Tanya came to know about her intimation with Mikesh and the lack of communication gap which has led Mikesh bleed from his nose badly. Then the revelation of the fact that Tanya’s dad is no different playboy, he is also having relationship with someone very close to Tanya (Obviously we are not gonna reveal the plot here)


Permanent Roommates Episode 2 should also get tax rebate from the government being a educational series which taught the men how to be a men in ‘today’s world’.

But wait Mikesh’s grandfather literally have various different options to commit suicide, but will he do that? As Tanya is pregnant she is worried about her forthcoming life.

But dude where is Jeetu and his wife, as many fans always talks about the couple when it comes to the The Viral Fever. The couple most probably is on honeymoon during the S2 E2. Their absence was a miss in this episode.

Cute but Harami, Mikesh was the main attraction of Permanent Roommates S2 E2. Although there is no reason to hate it.

Overall the episode was super fantastic and one should obviously watch this. TVF is literally trying to increase the possibilities by providing the content in own hosted application. Although the application have some issues, but its Netflix of India in itself.

The time gap between the two episodes was huge, it would be better if they will take maximum a week time.

Watch Parmanent Roommates Latest Episode:

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