PewDiePie Trolls Everyone: ‘Not Going to Delete YouTube Channel, That was a joke’

PewDiePie Deleting Youtube
PewDiePie Deleting Youtube

As we had expected, the PewDiePie video about deleting his channel was actually a public stunt. In a latest development today, he had uploaded a video and thanked media for all the support in creating a hoax. Fans were pretty much sure that PewDiePie shall not delete his channel as he generally takes YouTube as a medium to create fun for everyone.

Earlier in the video he declared that “I swear to You, at 50 million subscribers, I am deleting my channel”. Going to the next level he even told everyone that the online video sharing website is no more fair among every type of uploaders. He justified that YouTube is creating problems for the channels by making new type of hindrances for the uploaders.

To make the media and other newspapers believe his claim, he keep on uploading series of videos criticising Youtube for the unfair treatment. PewDiePie smartly trolls everyone as he keep up his mood very much sad during the production fooling the fans very smartly.

Watch the video in which he had told everyone that the channel is finally coming to an end. The video named “DELETING MY CHANNEL AT 50 MILLION.” got 15 million views and 1 million likes in less than 5 days in total. It also increased his viewership by 20% as number of subscribers grown dramatically.

The latest upload was titled as “Deleting my channel”. He deleted a fake channel in his account to show that he had done something to keep your hopes alive. He added the lines “I just want to say you know when you make a joke and it just blows up way bigger than you ever imagined. It was covered by Media everywhere.” The only explanation given by ‘PewDiePie” was “That was a joke”


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