Pink Movie box office collection and earnings report for saturday- Amitabh film earned this much in 9 days

Pink Movie box office collection and earnings report for wednesday
Pink Movie box office collection and earnings report for wednesday

Pink Movie box office collection report: Amitabh Bachchan is back in full form with his latest film titled ‘Pink’. The movie is basically story of three girls who were trapped in a controversy by some powerful boys who has strong political connections. The film received many applauds from movie critics for taking a strong stand against wrong practices. The talkie had however also questioned many important things which are meant to be answered by any responsible person. The film features Amitabh Bachchan in leading role and he is the last hope for girls. (Also See: Pink Review)

Pink movie is not just the only film where Amitabh were seen in such role. Earlier in Buddha Hoga Tera Baap, he spoke several times against the wrong practices. Nowadays, Senior Bachchan is focussing on targeting the hard ends by doing only serious roles. Let it be Wazir or Te3n, his audience and fan following once again increased a lot in the recent years. Since AB had grown old, Pink movie is the only film he had done as solo male superstar in the entire movie.

Pink Movie box office collection and earnings report for saturday

The times seems to be going good for the most veteran actor alive in Indian cinema. Pink movie initially didn’t receive enough good response but later the good things arrived and the movie recorded a huge outbreak on silver screen. On the initial day, film was successful in managing around 1200 screens throughout the India, which significantly grown up on the subsequent days. On the other side, its also a good signal for the industry destroyed with the ‘low grade’ films.

Considering the base audience of Amitabh Bachchan and his performance on the multiplexes with films like Te3n and Wazir, many multiplexes avoided running the movie. After the initial response and non availability of other options in the row, many theaters added the list from subsequent week. The number of screens (multiplexes and single screens) stands somewhat at 1100 as of now.

Pink Box Office Collections

Despite getting limited pre release buzz, film grown significantly on the Day 2 after cold opening. Box office collection for Pink movie stands good than any other film scheduled for the release during the last week. Glowing reviews from industry’s toughest critics does helped the movie in grooming.

Pink 1st day collection – 4.32 crore

Opened with strictly average occupancy in domestic market, the movie didn’t opened with great reports. Opening day occupancy was mere 15% during the morning and noon shows which is very low for a film with bollywood’s ‘Shahenshah’. The evening shows in urban centers had somehow saved the drowning boat from getting destroyed. The late night shows in premium multiplexes and PVR’s around the country had contributed significant amount.


Pink 2nd day collection – 7.65 crores

As its first day box office collections, Pink was successful in earning a figure of 4.32 crore rupees which is low but good considering the level of release. Huge jump was expected on the subsequent day after noticing positive reviews from movie critics around the city. Same was observed on the 2nd day as film jumped big, minting the most to meet the production cost for the film.

The second day occupancy report went well as film was able to earn a good figure of 7.65 crores. The fill out rate of the whole day was observed being around more than 45% throughout the country. Since prices of tickets won’t get surged after seeing response on day 1, Pink- The film had somehow suffered because of the same. The overall jump on 2nd day collections remains at charts of 80% which is huge.

Pink 3rd day collection – 9.54 crores

Furthermore, the film succeeds to showcase its name in the top bollywood films by taking another jump on sunday of 30%. As its 3rd day collections, Pink earned a figure of 9.54 crore rupees which is awesome. Now the weekend is ended and real test for the film begins.

On the weekdays, Pink collections didn’t dropped below the mark level. Film was still able in collecting a number of positive responses around the country. After getting good buzz on the social media, Pink was successful in earning a figure of 3.78 crores as Monday box office collections which is great. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the movie remains superstrong in many centers collecting 3.51 crores, 3.30 crores and 3.24 crores respectively.

Pink Movie 2nd Week Collections

Movie grown good during the second week. Friday earnings marked film not much affected by the release of Banjo. However a part of stake is obviously expected. On Saturday, the earnings grown small bit and took a rise of 50% which was not enough in comparison to the growth in numbers during the last week but still good considering the size. The movie had made around 50 crore rupees as of now and can make 60 crores during its entire lifetime.

India Collection
1st Week
Friday 04.32 cr
Saturday 07.65 cr
Sunday 09.54 cr
Monday 03.78 cr
Tuesday 03.51 cr
Wednesday 03.87 cr
Thursday 03.24 cr
1st Week Total Collection 35.91 cr
2nd Week
Friday 03.15 cr
Total Domestic Collection 39.06 cr
Total Overseas Collection 06.55 cr
Total  Collection 45.61 cr

Pink Movie 2nd Saturday – Domestic collection: 5 crores

Pink Collections – Total Worldwide – 50 crores

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