Prison Break Season 5 Release Date: 2 Female Leads Included

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Prison Break Season 5 Release Date, Spoilers, Premiere, Promo, News, PB S5 Updates: Production of the return of the hit TV series “Prison Break” in the form of their fifth season is almost complete and more information and updates are expected to be revealed soon in various events this year. The fifth season is slated to release in the spring of 2017 on FOX. (check: The Bachelorette 2016 Winner.)

A trailer for the fifth season released some time ago and it set all the fans excited for the return of their favorite structural engineer cum prison break expert Micheal Scofield on the screen. The trailer picks up from where the 2 special episodes ended. The special episodes were produced and released after the series ended but the fans kept asking for more episodes.

Prison Break Season 5

The two episodes featured the escape of Sara Tancredi, Micheal’s wife. In the end of the episodes, Micheal stayed behind in the prison premises after getting Sara out of the prison, letting himself being confronted by the prison guards. We then hear sounds of shots being fired which made the characters and the audience assume that Micheal was shot dead inside the prison.

Later, Sara and Lincoln watch a video message from Micheal, which he filmed before his death. He tells them about his medical condition and asks them to move on. In the end, we saw all the major characters and Micheal’s friends paying him homage on his grave a few years later.

Now, the things get exciting. It is revealed in the trailer that Micheal didn’t die in that incident and instead, is currently incarcerated in a Yemeni prison. Lincoln comes to know about this and all of Micheal’s friends decide to break Micheal out of prison. This season is bound to be full of action and thrill which was evident in the trailer.

Prison Break Season 5 Release Date, Spoilers, Premiere, Promo, News, PB S5 Updates

Also, the producers have revealed that the show makers have decided to go back to their roots this season. We saw Dominic Purcell in a picture with his arms covered with tattoos. It could be the maps hidden in those tattoos like we saw in the first installment.

It is also unknown what role would Micheal’s son play in the series. Last we saw him, he was a toddler. The major mystery of the season is how Micheal got there in the first place and who put him there. Is there a bigger picture to all this? We don’t know.

The season would consist of 9 episodes and would soon complete production. We might get to know more when this happens.

Stay tuned for it.


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