Quantico Season 1 Episode 20 (S1E20) Spoilers: Trailer and Air Date; Alex Discovers A Third Bomb

Quantico Season 1 Episode 20
Quantico Season 1 Episode 20

Quantico Season 1 Episode 20 Spoilers, Promo, Trailer, Air Date, Synopsis 1×20 News, and Updates: The upcoming episode of Quantico titled ‘Drive’ will see Alex Parish going to a lot of trouble. Last week, we witnessed Parish getting teamed up with Shelby to track down the terrorist or The Voice. (check: The Amazing Race 28.)

The real identity is not yet known, but the grand plan is to unleash a nuclear bomb. Will told Alex and Shelby before collapsing that he built it himself. He collapsed due to radiation poisoning.


Quantico Season 1 Episode 20

This Sunday, Parrish will get to know that there is a third bomb. She will be seen fighting with ex-boyfriend Ryan Booth. Later on, she will discover the bomb. Below is the promo for it.

In the above promo, you must have seen that Ryan, Miranda, and Nimah are trying to hunt Alex at any cost and the earliest. Later on, Ryan gets to know about the third bomb, and he informs Nimah and Miranda about the same. Iris Chang appears in the future timeline, and Parrish-Ryan is confronting each other.

As per the official synopsis provided by the ABC, only three weeks are left for new agent trainees (NATs) graduation. So, they are sent to various field offices, and a shocker comes. Ryan and Alex will be assigned to solve a case together. Joshna Safran Executive Producer of Quantico said that although Parish and Booth have been arguing a lot lately, but they will get on the same side to solve it.

However, the situation is not same in the future timeline, and both will end up fighting each other. Since the disappearance of Natalie, Ryan has been getting more and more suspicious of Alex.

Moreover, the next week will the relationship of Shelby and Caleb getting over. A sneak peek released by ABC (present below) shows Miranda questioning Caleb about the whereabouts of Parrish. So, to take him out and make a way for Alex inside the FBI’s office, Shelby heats the office’s computer remotely.

The synopsis by ABC hints that Alex will find out some shocking information regarding Ryan. Quantico Episode 20 Season 1 will air on May 1, Sunday at 10 pm ET on ABC.

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