Raaz Reboot 2nd / 3rd Day (3 Days) Collection 1st Weekend Box Office Report: Gave fair competition to AB’s Pink

Raaz Reboot 2nd day collection
Raaz Reboot 2nd day collection

Raaz Reboot 2nd / 3rd Day Collection 3 Days RR 1st Sunday / Weekend Box Office Report: Its well-known fact that Emraan Hashmi and Vikram Bhatt are currently facing the worst time in their careers. One after another movie is getting flopped and they hadn’t tasted the win since very long.

Alongside family health problems, Emraan even tried his luck in book writing but failed to create any significant impact. It was pretty much sure for Raaz Reboot that the movie isn’t going to come up with any good story. What, on the bigger side one can expect is response of fans which can save the film from dying.

Raaz Reboot 2nd Day Collection

The film primarily targets couples and adult audience in Starks. Film didn’t have many nude and exotic scenes, but Emraan Hashmi touch can be clearly seen. RR got a suitable audience base in unmarried couples as there was no decent release for them since the last month.

The opening was not good and film opened with mere 20% occupancy in most of the theaters. Moreover, the trends keeps on declining till the evening and it’s observed that majority of theatres had run the show with less than 10% occupancy which had predicted a shortfall in the upcoming week.

Despite getting below average reviews by movie critics, film was able to sustain post evening because of positive response from the audience. Being at no competition on the bollywood also had helped the talkie to get back to the work. The 2nd day prices were already surged being the only film for couples during this weekend.

Raaz Reboot 2nd day collection

Mahesh Bhatt and his nephew Emraan Hashmi decided to sign off this film in the hope of success. The truth no longer stands as a secret that director Vikram Bhatt had gone bankrupt post-2009 when it comes to the success of his films. The film was indeed speculative attempt in order to get success from 4th part of Raaz film. The first 3 parts was a definite superhit in Bollywood earning more than average.

During the first day, Raaz Reboot collection stands at 6.30 crore rupees which are good considering the level of release and hardships currently faced by the stakeholders. Evening shows stand as an important part of the significant part of earnings were minted during the hours.

The second day occupancy report didn’t seen any improvement with the morning shows. Moderate to low occupancy during the various shows were observed throughout the country. Some night shows sneak peak with a lot of potential audience enabling the film to get the maximum out of it.

As its 2nd-day box office collections, Raaz Reboot had collected around 8 crore rupees. The figure is not great in any sense, but it gives a hope of getting something better for the future.

Raaz Reboot 1st day collection: 6.8 crores

Raaz Reboot 2nd day collection: 11.79 crores

Raaz Reboot 3rd Day Collection – Rs. 18 cr* (worldwide)

Raaz Reboot 3 Days Box Office Collections: Rs. 36 crores (to be updated)

Raaz Reboot collection from the international market was good and satisfactory considering the good response from UAE-GCC countries. The only weekend report shall be available for overseas collections.

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