Rangoon 5th Day Collection | 1st Tuesday Box Office Earnings Report of Rangun

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Rangoon Collections | 5th Day Box Office Earnings & Income report of Rangun – Shahid Kapoor appears to receive first setback post marriage with Rangoon box office. Rangoon collections are performing below the average level and movie is not expected to mint out any great money throughout the lifetime. Being produced on a hefty budget, the situations could start going tough for Shahid Kapoor if the movie will be not able to mint out the cost spent in the production and marketing. Rangoon 5th day collection failed to score any substantial amount resulting a very small reach. The small growth on Sunday had however helped Rangoon collections but a long journey is yet in front of the film.

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The film released on Friday got tremendous appreciation by movie critics including Taran Adarsh for wonderful storyline and concept. Being a film based on real events, the movie was first of its type to get a release on Indian box office. It was probably the first film from bollywood underlying importance of India during the world war.

Produced with a whopping budget of more than 75 crore rupees, movie observed a limited growth on the weekend. Film fortunately got Maha Shivratri as the release day making the best performance even on working day.

Rangoon Collections
Rangoon Collections

Shahid Kapoor last debut with Sonakshi Sinha proved very much beneficial for him. The actor is actually being lucky after that. Despite being low on the box office, films able to ga ther much positive reviews which was the need of time. Check out how much Rangoon collection ends up with after having more than 2 days on the box office.

Rangoon was able to get around 1200 screens in India which is strictly average considering the quality of film but quite justified while we count on the lead cast. Kangana didn’t get good movies after Tanu weds Manu.

Rangoon 1st day collection performed strictly average on the box office minting only 6.07 crores on the Friday which was eventually a holiday in many cities of India. With a fill out rate of 12% the occupancy remains below the par.

Rangoon 2nd day collection got a small hike in the BO. With some hike on the domestic earnings the film was able to score good points. Around 15% decrease was seen making around 5 crores on Saturday which is strictly average. Rangoon 3rd day collection performed good but below the expectations. Movie wasn’t able to mint out more than 7 crore rupees. The first weekend total earnings of Rangoon movie was 17.90 crores.

Rangoon Collections

The weekdays earnings for 4th and 5th day was strictly average minting around 63 crores on each day.

The two day Rangoon collection totalled to 13 crores. The film got little profit out of the investment but could be a major setback on Shahid carrer if not able to mint out the overall production budget.

Marketing strategy for Rangoon collection was poor. The primary campaign just started a week before the actual release, which was a disaster in itself. Apart from that there were no actual superhit songs in the film which could boost the earnings a lot.

The overall response from overseas market was below the par level. Despite having a large following among international audience, Shahid Kapoor was not able to mint out the best out of it. Rangoon collections from the overseas market continues to perform good at some part of world. However because of the controversial topic, film was not able to get the maximum benefit.

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