Rustom (Rustam) 12th Day Box Office collection and Earnings Report: Akshay Kumar film earned this much in 12 days

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Rustom 3rd week box office collection and earnings report

Rustom 12th day collection and box office earnings report for 2nd week: Rustom collection remained the most talked about topic even this week on bollywood. The film which has already collected number of applauds from movie critics and audience is being loved by everyone. There were certain assumptions that Rustom may face some hardships on the box office. However, all such assumptions proved to be of no use as the film made new box office records to grant another crown on Akshay’s head.

The movie is performing well upto the expectations this week. Initially, when the movie was released, there was reports of heavy rains in many areas. But even the weather couldn’t Akshay from reaching new heights and the film collected more than 40 crores as first weekend collection itself. The occupancy during the first week was amazing. Film also touched new heights in northern India box office.

The last week clash between the two films was one of the most avoiding and unanticipated situation. This clash is not ought to happen but producers of both the films are somehow desiring for a blockbuster release. Marketing and Advertising of Rustom was way better than of Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro. Akshay remains to be unbeatable rightful heir of the crown this week.

Rustom Collection – Box Office Report

  • Rustom 12th Day Collection: 2 crores
  • Rustom 12 days box office collection: 112.32 cr + 32.34 crore (Worldwide) = 144.66 cr

Going to the state wise response, we observed that film Rustom was performing better in the northern as well as central India states. The initial reports came positive from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab and many other northern India cities. However response for Mohenjo Daro was way better from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi. Metro cities remains on top with higher occupancy in comparison to the rural areas.

However, the film had sustained the domestic market and observed a benchmarking growth. Earning over 100 crores worldwide collections during the first four days long weekend was a great thing.

Rustom 12th day collection and box office earnings report for 2nd week

Among the 50 crore rupees budget of the film, 25 crores were utilized in production cost and other 15 crores went towards marketing and advertising costs thereof.


During the Second Day, Saturday, there was rain at various locations of India. Because of the rain, the film grows only 10%. The growth earlier expected was 30% at least on weekends. But 16.43 crores rupees figure on a subsequent day was quite fine.

The overseas market also responded in favor. The movie is all about a person who has to leave his family for a job; many Indian overseas can relate themselves to. Collecting a figure of 4.3 crore rupees from UAE-GCC was not good. Airlift had earned a great money without landing itself into any trouble.

Rustom had collected 8.30 crores as opening day earnings from International market. The weekend total stands at 23 crore rupees from overseas. During the entire week, Rustom collection stands at a figure of 25 crore rupees from overseas market.

Rustom collection were good during the entire week. The weekend earnings however remained a bonus over and above the actual earnings specially during the second weekend. Last film of Aki, Airlift had received even better response.

The movie had successfully dominated many important markets in the industry. It remains to be third film of Akshay Kumar to cross a benchmark earnings of 100 crores in less than 10 days. Rustom box office stands at 10 day total of 108 crore rupees from the domestic market. However, it was not able to cross higher ever grosser of the super star. ‘Rowdy Rathore’ still stands on number 1 to be the most popular film.

Overseas earnings remains to be cheesy topping over the overloaded pizza. Rustom collection from overseas market stands at 1.24 M$ (8.30) for the first day itself which is great. Another positive points should also be noted down, earnings from overseas market was 23 crore rupees by the end of first week. Total overseas earnings were 25.4 crore rupees.

Film was released on over more than 2300 screens throughout the country. Among the total screening, almost 1000 screens were from multiplexes and PVR and another 1300 screens were from single screens. Rustom collection didn’t performed much well on the single screens but the response from multiplexes was quite satisfactory.

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