Rustom (Rustam) Collection 4th / 5th Day Monday / Tuesday Box Office Earnings Total report

Rustom Collection Rustom Box Office Collections
Rustom 3rd week box office collection and earnings report

Rustom Collection and box office earnings report for 4th / 5th day and 15th August: Rustom of Akshay Kumar opens great on the box office, as the collection touches 14 crore rupees on the opening day as weekday was a great positive. Akshay had various 100 crore films till now, Rustom stays one of the most talked about film. The weeks’ box office was dominated by two superstar’s films. On the one side, there was Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Rustom’ and on the other side there was superstar Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Mohenjo Daro’. Both the films somehow fights with each other on box office but also comes as a companion to each other.

Rustom Collection – Box Office Earnings

Many theaters are offering shows one after another which is creating anxiety among the audience. Fans of both the stars are almost of common ground and shares similar type of preference. On one side, Mohenjo Daro is an epic based on untrue events and on the other side ‘Rustom’ is a film based on true events. Rustom wins the side with more positive reviews in comparison. The notable thing is, both the films didn’t has any mainstream bollywood actress.

Rustom collection however sustains much better than of opponents. On the scores of Pre buzz release and opening day collections, Akshay Kumar remains the bollywood star of the month. Having release near independence day was also a positive thing. The film was landmarking for all the movies who struggles to enter in bollywood with a big blast.

The film was observed doing good business in Punjab, UP, Maharashtra and Central India. The occupancy on the opening day remains quite moderate. With over 40% overall takeover on the market, the movie stays at no.1 position during the Friday. The metrics were positive from very beginning.

Rustom (Rustam) 4th / 5th Day Monday / Tuesday Box Office Collection and Earnings report

Among the 50 crore rupees, 25 crores was utilized in production cost and other 15 crores went towards marketing and advertising costs thereof.

The initial release of the flick is scheduled in over 2300 screens throughout the country. Among these 2300 screens, 1300 screens were single screens of mass centers. While the other 1000 screens went towards multiplexes and pvrs around the country. The earnings from single screens are an observed bit better than of multiplexes during the first and the second day too.

Akshay does have a great fan following in South India which is attracting a huge audience base on the same day. The noon shows remains good but not as per the expectations. There were hardly any houseful shows during the noon and evening.

Rustom (Rustam) 4th / 5th Day Monday / Tuesday Box Office Collection and Earnings report

During the Second Day, Saturday, there was rain at various locations of India. Because of the rain, the film grows only 10%. The growth earlier expected was 30% at least on weekends. But 16.43 crores rupees figure on the subsequent day was quite fine.

The real test of reel begins during the 3rd day. Sunday is as much crucial and important for any bollywood film. A film can made its 20% lifetime collections on the Sunday itself. Audience goes positive for the Sunday and occupancy charts tops with 60% during the whole day. No. of theaters were also increased during the midnight. Rustom Collection also passed that test by collecting over 19.50 cr on 3rd day.

Rustom (Rustam) 4th / 5th Day Monday / Tuesday Box Office Collection and Earnings report

Rustom 1st Weekend Box Office Collection stands at 50 crore rupees till Sunday.

The movie got an extensive day as a super bonus. On Independence Day, despite having a weekday. Occupancy remains higher than of any of the previous 3 days. During the morning shows, it started with low pace but grows up with the eve. Night shows observed a higher occupancy of more than 50% on an aggregate according to initial reports.  The movie also performed good on the overseas market.

Rustom 4th day collection – 19.30 crores

Rustom 5th Day Collection – Rs 7.85 cr

Rustom collection (total) domestic – 76.08 (domestic) + 23.50 (overseas) = Rs 99.58 cr (worldwide)

On Monday, Rustom collection stands at 17 crore rupees according to initial reports.

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