Rustom (Rustam) 6th / 7th Day Box office collection and earnings report: Crosses Rs 100 crores worldwide in 6 days

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Rustom 3rd week box office collection and earnings report

Rustom 6th / 7th day collection and box office earnings: Akshay Kumar’s Rustom movie came as a landmarking achievement in his career. Rustom collection came to be the most talked this month as this metric is going to decide the rankings of a superstar. Currently, specifically in Bollywood, Salman Khan is securing is number one position on the metrics of fan following and box office. Akshay Kumar currently stands just behind him at the position 2. But the response on Airlift and Rustom had increased the rankings of the superstar on the box office.

The film star who had suffered a lot in his initial years had faced many adverse situations in his Bollywood career. Currently, he is at the peak of his career. Akshay is most probably the most versatile actor in the entire industry. He has done love films at a time, which was replaced by comedy film, then action film and now patriotic movies. No other actor has guts to touch movies based on history a year ago when such films failed repeatedly.

Rustom Collection – Worldwide report 

However, the response from the international audience on Akshay Kumar’s films is quite moderate. He is not able to woo the overseas market even after repeated efforts. The overseas response was much better on Airlift in comparison to Rustom. The decline in fan following in overseas market is not a positive sign. A remarkable change has been observed in many countries including UAE-GCC and United States.

The overseas market also responded in favor. The movie is all about a person who has to leave his family for a job; many Indian overseas can relate themselves to. Collecting a figure of 4.3 crore rupees from UAE-GCC was not good. Airlift had earned a great money without landing itself into any type of trouble.

Rustom (Rustam) 6th Day Wednesday Box Office Collection and Earnings report

Rustom had collected 8.30 crores as opening day earnings from International market. The weekend total stands at 23 crore rupees from overseas.

However, the film had sustained the domestic market and observed a benchmarking growth. Earning over 100 crores worldwide collections during the first four days long weekend was a great thing.

Among the 50 crore rupees budget of the film, 25 crores were utilized in production cost and other 15 crores went towards marketing and advertising costs thereof.

Rustam also stays solid in many prime locations including multiplexes in Eastern India. Usually, there was a narrow scope of Bollywood films in the east but response on Akshay Kumar’s film was good enough. Urban cities like Mysore, Nizam were very good for the movie to collect a big box figure on the opening day itself.

During the first day, Rustom collections were 14.11 crore rupees from throughout the India. The figures are great for a film which was released with the special schedule, of Independence day.

Rustom (Rustam) 6th Day Wednesday Box Office Collection and Earnings report

During the Second Day, Saturday, there was rain at various locations of India. Because of the rain, the film grows only 10%. The growth earlier expected was 30% at least on weekends. But 16.43 crores rupees figure on a subsequent day was quite fine.

The real test of reel begins during the 3rd day. Sunday is as much crucial and important for any Bollywood film. A movie can make its 20% lifetime collections on Sunday itself. The audience goes positive for the Sunday and occupancy charts tops with 60% during the whole day. No. of theaters were also increased during the midnight. Rustom Collection also passed that test by collecting over 19.50 cr on the 3rd day.

The response on Monday, Independence Day was good but not better than of previous day. Rustom 4th day collection stands at 17.81 cr rupees. It was around 10% lower than of Sunday. The occupancy remains good during the whole day but because of pricing earnings were low.

Tuesday collection was not good, and chilling downfall observed on the first weekday. The rest 4 days were the charm days for Rustom collection where it grew to the level best. As its 5th day collection, rustom earned 07.67 cr rupees from the entire domestic market.

Rustom 6th Day Collection : 6.38 crores

Rustom 7th Day Collection – Rs 7.30 cr

Rustom collection – Worldwide total – Rs. 89.58 cr + 23.50 cr = Rs. 113.08 cr

During the 6th day, collections were low to a level. The movie didn’t experience a big downfall but still the number goes down. On Wednesday, Rustam collection were 6.28 crore rupees according to the initial reports. The occupancy remains quite substantial during the whole day.

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