Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Winner: Check Who Won in the Grand Finale Episode This Season 17th July

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Winner
Kushal Paul Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Winner

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Winner: SRGMP is India’s one of the oldest TV reality show being telecasted on Zee TV. Also known as the foundation for many playback singer’s existences, the show has come to grand finale episode. The last episode was shot in Goa a day before its actual telecast. (check: IGT Winner 2016.)

The last episode was attended by many peoples including those from winner’s family. Many esteemed Bollywood singers also mark their presence on the day by attending the function. Well known singers including Armaan Malik, Kailash Kher the god of the classical music and Benny Dayal.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Winner

grand finale

And from the Bollywood music industry along with well-known names from the music industry including Sukriti Kakar, Shraddha Pandit, Raghav Sachar, Shahid Mallya and Jubin Nautiyal was present in the last episode of Grand Finale of the show SaReGaMaPa 2016. Along with them, Sajid-Wajid also had a performance on Soni De Nakhre’ song.

Punjabi singer and artist Mika Singh was also present during the show with his one of the best performance. The show is going to telecast at 7 PM IST on Zee TV.

No matter who was the winner, all the 5 finalists enjoyed a lot during the shooting. Jugpreet Bajwa, Sachin Kumar Valmikan, Rupali Jagga, Jyotica Tangri and Kushal Paul were the finalists of SaRe GaMa Pa2016. Although all the artists gave an incredible markable performance, Rupali and Kushal were the attraction of the night.

Kushal Paul Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Winner

Although there is no official declaration of the winner’s name but sources confirmed us that Kushal Paul as the most probable winner of the episode. The final name will only be revealed today.


Kushal Paul is from Kolkata, West Bengal. He was applauded by judges many times during the recent episodes. According to reports, Happy to go person started blushing out after winning the trophy.

It was the 33rd episode of Sa ReGa MaPa as the Grand Finale episode of India’s one of the finest reality-based singing show. The show is set to air from tomorrow onwards exclusively on Zee TV channel. Gone through an extended period of more than 2 months is all set for the declaration of the winner.

Along with SaReGaMaPa, much other singing shows like Indian Idol is undergoing audition procedure for the candidates.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Winner

During the last episode, Mika Singh’s performance was well enough to spark the fire in finalists hearts. Jugpreet Bajwa and Sachin Kumar’s performance had spellbound the audience for a while. With the presence of many well-known personalities and celebrities of India, SRGMP finale episode was a great success for Zee Team.

Kushal Paul performance in SaReGaMaPa latest episode

The night show is expected to touch Zee’s TRP to the possible maximum on single day show.

Along with up to mark performances by actors and the stars, Raghav Sachar’s duo with Sukriti Kakar was also one of the best things during the show.

Update: Kaushal Paul is the winner.

The SRGMP finale episode is going to air on Sunday evening on Zee TV. Stay tuned for latest entertainment news and all other tv shows updates.

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  1. Jagpreet Bajwa u will be the winner and u wil be a motivational to all those who feel they can’t move on in there life due to blindness……v love u jagpreet al d bst

  2. Best of luck guys….Jagpreet I’m your big fan…wish you win but no worries SRGMP top 5 finalist are all cool I love their voices

  3. Jagpreet……you are the winner. …uploading gave lot of confidence to all people and also showed nothing is impossible. ….love you bro

  4. sachin kumar valmiki u will be the winner and u will be a motivational to all those u feel happy and please aap hasa karo aap haste ho tab bohat aache lagte ho aur dont wrry u will be the winner of sa re ga ma pa 2016

  5. Sachin…. I don’t care about any result for me u r the real winner…..loved ur voice in the show…

    • According to voice quality , expression of feelings Sachin Kumar is the best of all contestants . Jagpreet comes to the 2nd place for his soul touching, melodious voice . Kushal Paul should have been in the 5 Th place . I don’t know why zee tv made this wrong choice . Public opinion can’t be so wrong .

  6. Rupali Jagga u are my role model I pray that u will be the winner. I love your singing and dancing too……

  7. in all the contestent Sachin is the strongest contestent for this trophy….i wanna say that all the 5 contestent is a winner who reached in the final journey…

  8. I want Sachin Kumar to win , as he is the only one who is really down to earth, very humble n honest, he is the one who has proved the world that despite underprivileged n hard life never give up keep on dreaming big with positive mind, caring n loving.

  9. sachin you are very talented singer.don’t bother about winning in this show.nobody will remember this forever. just focus on your practice you have a lot more time to achieve excellence. its just a start for your career. I am your fan and you have become idol. BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE MAY GOD BLESS YOU???

  10. Jagpreet Bajwa u will be the winner and u wil be a motivational to all those who feel they can’t move on in there life due …… He is good singer…

  11. Highly disappointed. . Kushal did not deserve to be a winner. .

    Sachin or Jagpreet are true winners. .

  12. I think you all are deserved …to be the winner …but sachin …you the best bro….you are multitallented……nd this is your ….trophy….good luck to all

  13. Kaushal paul dont deserve to be a winner the hole world knows.the real winner shud be jagpreet or sachin.

    But dont worry dear winning is nothing.sachin & jagpreet you guys proved your talent in front of the there is lot more coming your ways guys.

  14. Really its all fake…… Sachin was gud from khushal zee tv stop showin all fake….ashamed abt zee tv alwz do da same …… Who r talented u ppl dont care abt dem…. Thts y india is back…….

  15. सा रे ग म प 2016 का रिजल्ट संतोषजनक नहीं है ज्योतिका ,सचिन या जगप्रीत में से ही कोई विनर होना था

  16. really this is the wrong decision …i think so jaspreet or sachin should be the real playback singer .

    mai bhut dukhi hu is desicion se aur mai aaj ke baad saregamapa kabhi nahi dekhunga …its my promise

  17. I am Pakistani i also disappointed from the decision of Indian what he dis paul was not deserving person to win it… But it might b right bcoz sachin or tangri already have bright future and they are working as well. Anyhow keep happy all Indian we love u… We donot take seriously potilitician they want us too far but they will never to do it, and also we do prmoise we love each others…

  18. Sachin should be the winner he is the most versatile amongst them all. Rupali is a very impressive vocalust.Jagpreet is a n excellent vocalist.

  19. this is wrong decision i think so sachin is the really winner bt dont worry jo huva so accha huva…..

  20. Well..congrats to kushal…bt the this trophy would hv been more valuable if it might handed to the prson who deserved it…one nd only sachin…it was harsh decision For me….i had doubt in my mind when jyotica got 5th..position…she is runner nd sachin the winnner for me…..

  21. Kusahal is not deserved to be the winner of sa re ga ma pa…..Jagpreet or Sachin should be the winner….they are the best singers..!

  22. Dear paúl i lived u.p. Curent time lite cut when i seen grand fenalay groom of ur face a sucessful winner . I seen first time of sa ra ga ma pa .good night.Your Comment

  23. Dear paúl i lived u.p. Curent time lite cut when i seen grand fenalay groom of ur face a sucessful winner . I seen first time of sa ra ga ma pa .good night.

  24. As per consistent performance and as far as singing is concerned, no other than Sachin Balmiki deserves to be the winner. Remember Arijit also didnt win the competition he participated but today he is on the verge of becoming legend.

  25. Sachin is best singer in the Sa re Ga ma pa next jagpreet it wrong decision to winner of 2016 kushal Paul ?

  26. 1000% it was either Sachin or Jyotica the winner very upset , I don’t know how you choose the winner who was not as deserving as Sachin & Jyotica

  27. you’re the winner you’re the best number one we love you lots God bless you always the Prasads from surrey bc

  28. jyotica❤ u were the concistent performer through out the season, jagpreet❤ is my inspiration, i love ur voice sedhe dil pr lagti hai, i wonder that the real winner did’nt win the comptition,….. why? surprising 2 all, mjhe to whi decission surprising lga tha jb harjot eliminate ki gyi thi, she was very talented and versatile….

  29. kushal you deserve ……………..but i am with Sachin and then japreet not b/c of losing title and you dont deserve …but b/c of feeling that give me both of them in singing ……….kushal best of luck and you are the rockstar .all five are my favorites …sachin best of luck waiting for your voice as a plAy back singer.ALL OF YOU STAY BLESSED

  30. All are best but sachin or jagpreet hve to be winner , no problem if sachin don’t won trophe u proved that u have extra talent every sunday and saturday I am going to miss u alot

  31. It seems not a fair choice, most consistent top performers were Jotika Tangri, Harpreet Bajwa and Sachin. So what happened is puzzling.

  32. Japreeet Or sachin should be winner I am not happy with thz decision.Jagpreet is fabulous.He is the best for me sachin and jagpreet are winners

  33. Congress kushal Dada….I never thought tht u wll win….but u won…..I m Ur even big fan…….but I was full support of jagpreet.dada..but …………………any one wins…..but in last the singing only won….

  34. this is a wrong decision. kushal does not deserve this trophy,the winner should be sachin ‘or’ rupali.

  35. Jagpreet and sachin has got singing as well as tune talents. Rupali and kushal only entertains they are not good in their singing. And this attracted people. Its not because they are good in their performances . So sachin and jagpreeth don’t worry guys. Whether you win or not,its something fate will bring but the world knows only both of you guys has got the quality. applause for you guys.

  36. Seriously guys this decision is wrong. According to my opinion Jyotika or Jaspreet should be the winner . I wouldn’t see sa re ga ma pa in my whole life. Jyotika and Jaspreet you both are the winner from my side. Wish u all the luck.

  37. disappointd wid d rslt…d winner shld b either jagpreet or sachin….kushal won d trophy bt jagpreet won hearts

  38. Sachin you are the winner for me,but don’t worry we are with you and congrats kushal paul .sachin you are the greatest singer of saregamapa 2016

  39. Congrats to all the finalists as you all are talented. Living and watching all music contests from outside the sub-continent that take place in the subcontinent, I have to say thumbs down to the voters of India as too often it seems the best always comes second.

  40. Sachin should have been the winner, big disappointment. Kaushal doesn’t absolutely deserve this this trophy

  41. Kushal Paul …. vry vry congratulations to uh…N m a big fan of urs….
    N u deserves it… actually all R d winners… who ever were in finalle… but u r damn good singer… so i m vry happy to see.. 😉
    stay blessed Kushal Paul

  42. I really cant understand why Sachin is not the winner . This is unfair.
    From Mauritians Fans of Sachin

  43. It was a wrong decision ever in sa re ga ma pa.Sachin deserves the trophy. Kushal is not a matured singer he is a stereotype singerHe also dont deserve to be in top 5 den how can he be a winner.Very pathetic decision.

  44. Unbelievable result, as Kushal Paul win the trophy of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016….
    His performance was not so good during this session…many times he was under bottom line participant in this programme…we thought that the main competition will be held between Sachin & Jagpreet Bajwa…Kushal Paul doesn’t deserve for this trophy…

    Some thing wrong in this programme….

    Really unbelievable result…I was shocked to listen that Kushal win the trophy…he doesn’t deserve the same….

    In the grand finale the performance wise Sachin and Jagpreet was so good….over all there is some thing worng…

  45. Only sachin deserves this trophy. He is only winner. He was continuously at the first position by public voting. What appen in final. This is big cheating. If show can not produce a best singer, they shoul stop this reality show. It is request that declare real result. Public is disappointed by the fake result.
    Dear brother, sachin you are only winner for public. You are genious in singing. You know the real music. All the best. God bless. Keep it up. All blessings are with you.

  46. Congratulations kaushal I am so so so happy you deserve this trophy and finally u are winner…………..

  47. it really wrong decision has taken.. jagpeert and Sachin is real playback singer.. rupali is very impressive.. good luck



  49. Sa re ga ma pa reality show on zee tv is the biggest joke in whole world.
    Sachin is the real winner because he knows music but kushal Paul is
    Loser. He also even don’t know the m of music.

  50. We love you Kushal and all the best we know you will win sa re ga ma pa and do very good in life

  51. good, but I think SACHIN is the best but acc. to their voice all are the winner, but personally for sachin is the winner.

  52. Your Comment I love rupali didi I deserved too rupali didi I m very sad that rupali didi does not Winer but don’t wery di u don’t win but didi u proved your tailent in front of WORLD u r my best singer

  53. I am so happy Kushan has won cause he knows what is singing.Others are also good .people who understands singing has made gooddecision

  54. i am winner ………………..hurrahhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bits like i met my god

  55. Friends its reality show,as per the rule of the reality show who deserve the winner unfortunate he don’t get the respect from the Judges because they always try to judge rubbish participants…..But Jagpreet is the legend as per my opinion..He has voice……you know what was saying Rahat Fate Ali Khan saab…….Jagpreet you carry on bro…..don’t care about anyone….

  56. sachin could have been justified choice for the most versatile performer . he was almost taken granted as to be the natural choice and a he clear winner .

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