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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd October 2016
Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd October 2016

SBS Latest Episode: In the recent episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya, we have seen the rejection of Pari accept Sona as home’s daughter in law. Hetal tried to convince her by making her calm down. Pari justify her anger because she had lost her son, Hetal gives her courage that Tolu is still of her all.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya – SBS Monday Episode

Vidhya cooks the food for the family; Everyone started complaining of sour soup. Gaura asked that why she have cooked such bad food. Vidya justifies as she was feeling nauseous (About to vomit) from recent days. Gaura angrily looks at Durga and told Dharam to call Daayi Maa downstairs.

Pari went one to one with the family and started accusing Sona once again; She claimed that Sona has snatched her son. Kokila also started blaming by her dialogues; Gopi also comes in between. After getting support, Pari told that Gopi and Kokila’s instructions would follow in the house. Jigar gets irritated.

Jigar shouts everyone just to shut up, He advocates Sona decision by saying that he have revolved around his family all the time obeying his brother and his wife, Kokila shouts on him for speaking like this.

Meera also shouts joins the conversation by shouting on Gaura for calling Daayi maa. Daayi maa came downstairs and checked Vidya for a possible pregnancy.  She made her walked, sit and do different activities.

Meera keeps on insisting everyone to call the doctor as they shouldn’t follow the old ways. She told that her sister is not an animal. Gaura informs that he have already called the doctor taking the precaution of her anger. The doctor comes and told everyone to leave them in privacy, Daayi Maa complaints about it.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st March 2016

Doctor confirms that she is pregnant, after dancing in joy, Gaura gifted her necklace as a gift.

Meanwhile, Pari keeps on accusing Sona; Kokila got Gaura’s call, and she got invite to celebrate the holi party together. Kokila firstly rejects but then agree to come. Guara told her to go with the whole family, she agrees.

Pari keeps her complaints them for insulting in front of Sona; Gopi claims that Sona is perfect daughter in law for her. Pari gives Gopi to give her time till puran massi, and she will examine her on the day. The day would be a trial day for Sona to leave the house or stay in the house.

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