Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th June 2016: Gopi To Start Her Patola Sarree Business

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th June 2016: Vidya informed Gopi that Meera got Priyal admitted to a good school but did not tell her before or took her along. Gopi asked her not to worry as Priyal would go to good school. Vidya said to Gopi that she had to do household chores and disconnected the call. Gopi asked her not to be sad. (check: SNS Last Episode.)

Pari felt hungry and thought as who would prepare to make breakfast for her. She started acting in front of everyone as having a severe headache. Monika came to her and asked what happened to her. Pari said she was feeling very hungry and was having a headache because of that.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th June 2016

She stated that she could not ask Kokila to prepare food as Gopi scolded her for that yesterday. She asked Monika to make food for her. Monika hesitated and said that she would make after doing a bit of drama.

Gopi went out and walked from there to go to Urmila’s chawl. Dr. Krishna said to Gopi of she wanted him to drop her there as there was auto’s strike that day. Gopi denied and stated that she would manage on her own. She asked one auto driver, but he refused and said that they were on strike.

Dr. Krishna said to her that she still had his offer if she wanted to accept. Gopi agreed and left in the car from there with him. Kokila came out and thanked the auto driver as she asked them to say that were on strike. She thanked them as Gopi and Krishna were together and gave the auto driver the prasad.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th June 2016

Gopi and Krishna reached Urmila’s chawl. Urmila got happy when she saw them and hugged Gopi. She invited Dr. Krishna to come and had tea with them. He denied and said that he would come some other day and left from there.

Urmila rushed in and told Sona that Gopi had come with doctor jamai. Sona said that Gopi must not have found auto, hence had come there with Dr. Krishna. Gopi came in and hugged Sona. She told Urmila that she was opening patola sari business at home, and she needed her help.

Urmila said to her that she was ready to help her anytime. Gopi asked Sona. She told her that she wanted to help her but could not due to her pregnancy. Gopi then asked her about Tolu and children Jai and Veeru. Jai and Veeru then came in and touched her feet. She hugged both of them.

Tolu came in, and Gopi asked him as he would help her in her business. He agreed and said that he would be happy to do help her. Kokila gave jewelry to Gopi. Jigar shouted on her as she could not give her the family jewelry. Kokila said that she would help Gopi always.

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