Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2016: Businessman Likes The Samples of Gopi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th July 2016 Written Episode
Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th July 2016 Written Episode

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2016: Pari was enjoying her juice along with Monika. She laughed and said to her that if Gopi lost her business, then she would not have any work to do except the household chores. She was laughing as she had executed her plan that would fail the Gopi’s business. (check: SNS Last Episode.)

The businessman came there. Gopi told him that that sari samples were not ready and apologized him. She said that the samples which she wanted to show to him were not available. He got angry and shouted at her as why she called him of her samples were not ready.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2016

But Kokila came from behind with the craft’s team along with the samples. Gopi got surprised and happy to see the samples. The business person saw the samples and said to Gopi that he liked the sari design. He endorsed a cheque of Rs. 25 lakh in advance. Pari and Monika were also there. They fumed seeing all that.

The businessman left from there. Gopi went to Pari and angrily shouted at her to stop her dirty tricks else she would not spare her. Pari started crying. Jigar came there and shouted on Gopi to not say anything to Pari without any proof. He stated that it was waste arguing with Gopi and left from there.

Craft woman said to Kokila that if she had been at Gopi’s place, she would have slapped Jigar. Kokila then told her that Gopi would never do anything like that as she wanted her family to reunite again. Gopi calmed down and said to everyone that they would work hard together to achieve success in the business.

Priyal was getting close to Meera. She ran towards Meera. Vidya felt happy and apologized to her if she did anything wrong. Meera said that it was alright, and she should just be happy. Priyal gave a card and said thank you, mom, to Meera.

She got emotional on seeing the card and asked her if she prepared that by herself. Vidya told her that Priyal made that card in the morning when she got up early. Meera showed the card to Naiya, but she brainwashed her. Meera said to her that she would do anything to become Priyal’s mom and snatch her from Vidya.

Pari and Monika fumed on seeing the craft women coordination and quick work. Ladies asked Gopi for the payment. She told them that once the cheque got cleared in two days, she would pay them. They got angry.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2016

Krishna asked Kokila to have the medicines and said to her that she would get gajar halwa in return. Gopi entered the room, but Krishna left from there. Kokila said to Gopi that he made halwa for her and asked her to taste that. She tasted and told Kokila that it was nice. Krishna was looking from behind and smiled.

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