Salman Khan acquitted of all charges of killing 5 people sleeping on footpath: What public thinks of this decision?


Bollywood actor who was accused in the charge of killing over 5 poor people sleeping on the footpath got a major relief from a court in India, Earlier his lawyers have demanded the punishment should be reduced noticing his humanitarian work after  2002. Salman Khan was not ready to go to the jail and his lawyers acclaimed the victory after filing a huge number of proofs, getting everything organised.

However, the sole eye-witness of the murder, Salman Khan’s bodyguard, Constable Ravindra Patel who died few years ago was rejected as an evidence against the Bollywood star. Ravindra Patel was the person who made the FIR got registered against the star for drunk driving and killing the five persons. Later he also got dismissed from police service. Here is short video which can help you in getting an overview of the case

Many fans are welcoming the decision of the court while many of general public is opposing the decision and quoting the same as a black day for Indian Judiciary.

Indian judicial system has this golden rule ‘what happened in 2002, stays in 2002’. #SalmanVerdict #KakaVerdict – RoflGandhi_

Now it’s official, Salman owned world’s first driverless car in 2002 – @optimistindiak

Agar Salman ko money power se case jitna hota toh he wud have done it long back in 2002 only. haters why so stupid? :)- @Kanhajigi

After #SalmanVerdict do #aamirkhan and #shahrukhkhan find India..or at least its justice system more tolerant? – @suchetadalal

Whenever you see a big, expensive vehicle coming at you, just get out of the way. Your puny life has no value in India
#SalmanVerdict – @Aniketh34

SalmanVerdict This is a perfect example of being `tolerant’ to crime by celebrities –  ‏@VinitaDeshmukh

Asaram supporters don’t worry, he will be acquitted soon भारत में देर है अंधेर है – @aartic02

Now every film industry worm crawls out to say they always believed in @BeingSalmanKhan ‘s innocence – ‏@maheshmurthy

India saw its first driver less car much before google thought about it. – @TusharikaMishra

Lesson from #SalmanVerdict : when you sleep on the pavement, don’t dare dream of justice from India’s courts. – Sagarika Ghose

It’s a professionally satisfying outcome for me, and for client after his 13 year journey: Amit Desai, Salman’s Lawyer

We should add ‘2002 Hit and Run case’ on the perfect crime list now. Shawshank Redemption will be proud. – @iAlekhyaDas

Mubarak to all Bros Fans!! They Love Salman Bro to death and always stand by him! He has BIGGEST & Strongest Fan Base ever –  ‏@SalluLicious

It is a big relief, justice has been delivered: Baba Siddiqui, Congress

Ultimately Bhai’s advocate will prove that the alcohol that they purchased was put in the fuel tank and the car was drunk- ‏@KaunHaiBe

Mark Twain once said: “The law is a system that protects everybody who can afford a good lawyer.”  If you know what I mean.
#SalmanVerdict –  ‏@iAlekhyaDas

Police failed to produce proper evidence so Judiciery failed to produce proper judgement.Eerything failed except Money! – ‏@BokaPandit

Irony is Ravindra Patil suffered more than the man who was cause of that accident. RT if you agree- ‏@Gayatritwit

So what do you think, many people do support the Judiciary decision and many are criticising it…