Sasural Simar Ka 1st October 2015 Thursday Episode

Sasural Simar Ka 1st October 2015: The episode begins with Indra saying that tomorrow is her last day. Sid tries to talk, Sujata and Mata ji shut him down and Mata ji asks Sujata to take him to the temple. Indra leaves to her room. Suddenly Sujata trips and the plate in her hand slips. With that sound, everyone comes to that place except Indra. Simar asks Sujata to throw the plate once again and concludes that Indra can’t hear anything inside the temple.

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Simar now explains everyone that Indra can’t hear a pin sound in the temple. He also goes on saying Why did Indra come back after beating him up in dance. He also talks about the events he has been facing from a couple of days. He says that Indra is plotting something huge. When Simar was looking for Indra’s secret, suddenly Sid was released and by the time he returned, the books were in pieces except for one book.

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Sasural Simar Ka 1st October 2015

When he again went down to see Sid, he came to know that some of the pages from that book went missing. He finally came to a conclusion that Indra is surely do something Big tomorrow and is frustrated with himself he doesn’t have any idea. Mata ji asks everyone to stay alert for tomorrow and says that Prem and Roli are yet to come.

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Sid goes to Prem ‘s room and holds Prem’s picture and Roli’s pot. He remembers some moments with them and tears rolled down on his face. Simar and Amar walk into the room and see him crying. They ask him to stay strong and Simar says that those two can hear everything you are saying. They are just in a state where they can;t contact them. Simar once again warns that Indra has returned Sid and there’s no guarantee that she will release the other two in the same manner. Sis says he is angry and they go down and take a look at their tomorrow’s plan.

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Sasural Simar Ka 1st October 2015

Sis says that he is hungry, but Simar says that we should finish the pooja the first. Indra says she can’t enter a temple. To which Amar says that he’s having an idea and asks Indra about some woman. Indra says that she doesn’t know that woman, but Amar Simar and Sid confirm there’s something with that woman. Simar remembers tSanju saying Indra killed that poor woman.

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Later Simar Sid and Amar eat, Jhanvi serves them these guys. She suddenly drops a spoon. o which Simar asks is she okay? Then she says that she will do her breakfast in her own room. Then Indra says that is everything okay with you? Then she goes on asking Simar to send her to Indra so that she can end all her worries. But he says that is not required and Indra asks about Sid and Amar.

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