Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2015 Wednesday Episode | Colors TV : Sid comes Back


Sasural Simar Ka Wednesday Episode: Sasural Simar Ka is an Indian Television Program which airs on Colors TV. In this episode of Sasural Simar Ka, the actual reality of Indra is exposed to Simar and she is very happy to know that.

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Sasural Simar Ka Full Episode

Sasural Simar Ka 30th September: The episode begins with Simar talking about the shadow. Mata ji asks him from when was he seeing that mysterious shadow. Simar says that he has been seeing that around since Indra’s arrival. On the other hand, Indra goes to Simar’s room and tears up all the books and gives an evil laugh.

Mata ji gets tensed and says that this must be related to Indra and Simar tells everyone to hasten to read all the books to know her secret. As a result, all rush to Simar’s room and end up shocked as they see all books torn and thrown apart in the room. They ask Sanju who did this? Sanju says that he was asleep and couldn’t remember who did this. Simar comes to a conclusion that it must e Indra who has done this. Since she has torn all these books, there must be something important related to her in these books and looks for some clues.

To his surprise, Simar stumbles a book which is safe. Indra gets flustered that she had left a book and she doesn’t want him to read that one. But she is now looking for an opportunity. Simar starts reading that book and asks Sanju to leave him alone and asks him stay at Khushi Chachai and asks him to only respond when he calls out his name.

Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2015

Sid suddenly makes his presence. Mata ji and everyone are surprised and hug him. They ask his whereabouts and ask him how did he come out of the pot by himself. Simar doesn’t understand how did he make it out and looks confused. Sis inquiries about Prem and Roli. Mata ji asks him to let him rest and she will reveal everything to him.
Mata ji tells Sid the whole story of How Mohini died and the dagger which had her blood and also about Indra.

Simar suddenly remembers that he has left the book and rushes to read that one and finds that he has lost some papers. Simar calls up Indra and she says that she has brought Sid back and will now bring back Prem and Roli also. Indra says that she is only helping and the reason behind this simple. It being years that someone challenged her talent. Initially, she was angry but later on she enjoyed. So she realized her mistake and brought back Sid to surprise us. Indra concludes saying that if no one does any mistake and let her be for her last day, she would also bring back Prem and Roli too.

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