Sasural Simar Ka : Indra lays a track in proving Simar guilty

Sasural Simar Ka Monday Episode : Sasural Simar Ka is an Indian Television Serial which telecasts on Colors TV. In this episode of Sasural Simar Ka repeated efforts of Indra keep going on to prove Simar Guilty of the recent incidents.

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Sasural Simar Ka 5th October Episode

Sasural Simar Ka’s new episode is out. Colors TV airs this Hindi Serial and we know how popular it is. Coming to this new episode, it revolves around Simar and Indra. Indra lays a trap to check what Simar is doing? But Did Indra succeed in proving Simar guilty or Did Simar win once again by giving a counter attack. Take a look. This episode has tension wrapped in it and it gives a thrilling experience. No wonder the makers are really making everything count with each and every episode. So folks see what all happened in this new episode.

The episode begins with Simar talking to Sid about some secret. Sid and Amar were actually looking for something and the Simar says about a man to Amar and he leaves to Simar. Simar also decides to go out and meet, But when Sujata insists him not to gout in such way as it would raise some doubts. Simar’s says that He has already said, Simar, that he will leaving for vegetables and he goes out. On the other hand, Amar is desperately searching for a file in the files room and then he suddenly drops a file. A man enters and sees the dropped file and thinks that some cat might have done it.

Now Simar is in the market acting like he’s really into vegetables. Indra is keeping an eye on him from the balcony and id sees her doing some signs to a man. Suddenly the man whose under Indra’s spell arrives and asks Simar to come aside as he is going to tell him something very important. Sid concludes that that man is under Indra’s spell and decides to stop him at the earliest.

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Indra is immensely happy with Simar’s response as she says that it was a trap set up by her to check whether Simar was actually doing a research on her to know her secret. Simar became a fool and fell for it. But to everyone’s surprise, Simar comes back and says to that man, I don’t know any Indra nor Indrawati. Who actually are you talking about. Sid feels relieved with Simar’s response. Simar doesn’t let that man talk about her.

Indra joins the conversation and accepts that she has done magic on him to know what’s happening. Indra says that you have passed and showed me my mistake, I was selfish and did so many awful things. So, I am sorry Simar says Indra. But Simar is still waiting for what exactly 100 years ago. Simar asks Indra about the incident, but she rejects. Simar requests her to stop hiding the secret and let herself free. Sid now gets a text from Amar revealing details of Danger filled area. Amar says that who all went in never came out. Now everyone’s faces are here. Now, Sid, Simar are on a mission on going to the village and are looking for some details on Indra. Did they succeed? Let’s hold on for another episode.

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