Scorpion Season 3 Episode 5 (S3E5) Spoilers: Air Date and Promo for “Plight at the Museum”

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 5 Spoilers, Air Date, Promo, Synopsis 3×5 Updates: The third installment of the crisis-solving show has been flowing with emotions. In the fourth chapter, we saw Walter hallucinating, and Sylvester took on as the interrogator. Well, where are we going following it?

We will continue to see that in the coming episodes. The next week’s episode is titled “Plight at the Museum” and it will another amazing chapter filled with action, adventure, and extreme danger. Let’s see what role and how much the recent events will play into the coming story. One thing is clear, and it’s that it will be interesting.

Scorpion Season 3 Episode 5

The official synopsis reads the following:

Team Scorpion’s simple job at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum turns deadly when they discover thieves robbing a rare gem exhibit in order to get materials needed to enrich a nuclear bomb.”

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The CBS television network hasn’t revealed too much. They have just given the overview. However, it sounds exciting even though nothing much is unveiled. But, the picture released is quite entertaining following last of the last episode’s event. Happy and Walter are tied in two chairs sticking back to back.

The biggest reason is that the fact which recently unveiled that Walter is Happy’s secret husband which Toby was trying to track down since a long time now. This revelation changed the things. It is because Happy is now pregnant. This is a big reveal as nobody imagined coming in the slightest.

Following it, many things can change. It may be the Happy’s role in the team or Walter’s status in the country because he married her to be in the country legally.

Scorpion episode 5 of season 3 will air on October 24, Monday at 9 pm ET on the CBS.


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