Shahrukh Khan in Dubai Tourism Ad: Mixed Reaction of Fans

Shahrukh Khan: The sexiest actor in 50s In Survey By
Shahrukh Khan: The sexiest actor in 50s In Survey By

Bollywood actor with a decent following in Muslim countries including Pakistan, UAE and Kuwait had recently cracked a deal for Dubai Tourism advertisement. According to the website, Visit Dubai is owned by Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan who had also done many hollywood films was spotted earlier in many advertisements around the city. One of the main reason for hiring an Indian as a brand ambassador for Dubai could be the growing popularity among the masses for his films.

From the past year, increase in understanding between India and UAE has been observed. Most important part of the new advertisment is, that the Ad is being served internationally ignoring the physical borders. Watch Shahrukh Khan in Dubai Tourism Ad right here.

Here are some comments from the fans

  1. Shelly Hoyte: This is business it don’t matter if he is from India. This man donates to a lot of charities. The more he earns the more he gives. Stop worrying yourselves he support a lot of counties, he has a large fan base.
  2. Ronnie Campbell: My wife and I have been going to Dubai on holiday every year for 23 years this year , Our photo was taken in the Old Gold Souk ,, We love Dubai
  3. Doreen Vosper: Oh wow I would dearly love to meet a SRK alas it’s just dream I shall have to be content watching him on my iPad anytime day or night

Aghh.. not everyone is happy and they ask SRK to look into unpaid Indian workers in the town too

  1. Bhasmank Mehta: Dubai is built from Blood money. Did you know that there are lots of workers yet not paid? Worse, those who died during constructions, theit families received … not even the dead body let alone an amount to help them with their lives. There has been numerous documentaries on this matter.
  2. Ash Mukherjee: Agreed, I have no desire to go to that air-conditioned fishbowl in the desert.
  3. Hossein Shafeghati: I’d dare him to go visit the labor camps and show on whose back his freaking dubai is built.

It would be interesting to see how Shahrukh Khan will handle all these allegations, this ain’t going to be easy for him

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