Shivaay 27th Day Collection 4th Wednesday Box Office Report: Shivay movie earned 144 crores by 4th week

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Shivaay 27th Day Collection 27 Days Shivay 4th Wednesday Box Office Report: Shivaay movie of Ajay Devgn had just rocked Bollywood numbers. The film stays as one of the most trending films of the year. Shivay collection despite losing the plot on the opening days had competed for the earnings of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in the long run.

Shivaay box office reports stay better than many releases of the year. Film failed to compete for the box office earnings of ADHM, but that is not a big case. It was Ajay Devgn’s dream project, and he wants to make it perfect for all the fans around the world. The actor had just not impressed the fans but also completed his dream project.

Shivaay Collection

22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

Despite controversies started from a phase of media and some highly rated Bollywood critics, the movie stays good at the box office. The good part of the whole story is, earlier after seeing opening day earnings, it was expected that film might face problems in minting out the basic cost but Shivaay total collection had crossed the figure of investment. The movie was produced with a budget of 110 crores whooping cost.

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Shivaay 1st Week Total Collection: 80.19 cr
Shivaay 2nd Week Total Collection: 24.86 cr
Shivaay 3rd Week Total Collection: 4.35 cr
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Shivaay Collection 22nd Day – Rs. 15 lakhs
Day 23 – Rs 15 lakhs
Day 24 – Rs. 10 lakhs
Day 25 – Rs. 5 lakhs
Shivaay 26th Day collection
Shivaay 27th Day Collection

Shivay total collection: Domestic: 138.32 cr (gross)
Shivay total collection – Overseas: 18 crores

Shivay Worldwide Collection – Rs. 146.12 cr

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Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

The first two days earnings of Shivaay was around 20 crore rupees which were little less than expectations. The major setback was observed for a film with 110 crore rupees budget as there is less number of occupancy in comparison to the other days of Diwali holiday.

The big disappointment was because it’s the dream project of veteran actor Ajay Devgn and he didn’t receive equated response. The big disappointment was because it’s the dream project of veteran actor Ajay Devgn and he didn’t receive equated response.

On Sunday and Monday’s occupancy improved during the afternoon and evening show a bit more, and expected rate of 42% was achieved in the metro cities. The night shows are houseful in mass centers including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore because on Diwali holiday.

Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

On Monday, around 46% occupancy was found in theaters around the country. The night shows are houseful in mass centers including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore because on Diwali holiday. On Monday, around 46% occupancy was found in theaters around the country.

Shivaay box office collection of 1st Tuesday was good in comparison. The movie suffered a drop but not that much. Because of screening in the single screens, fickle continues to stay strong during the night shows. Overall festive business on Monday was good considering it an average weekday but nothing special.

The occupancy rate of 35% was observed. Shivaay sixth and Seventh-day collection reports also went positive considering the quantum of response film had received in early days. It’s expected this movie will again rise during this weekend and earn another 40 crore rupees by the end of 2nd week.

Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

Shivay 8th Day Collection was observed going well than the previous day in many cinemas across the country. Similar to the earlier days, occupancy was seen higher in the single screens in comparison to the multiplexes. Shivay collection holds up strong in many important areas too including the national capital Delhi and Bollywood capital Mumbai.

Shivaay 2nd Saturday Collections and Shivaay 10th Day Collection: The overall occupancy rate of 31% for the morning shows, 20% in the noon and 25% in the night shows was observed by our team around the various centers. Film had earned 5.4 crores on the first day of the 2nd weekend since there was no another release.

The Shivay 2nd Monday Collection didn’t go very well because of opening weekday and no holiday as well. It was the time when everything started for the real challenge for Bollywood movie to face the fierce competition.

Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

Shivay box office collection on the 12th day was good considering the film had entered the final phase of 2nd week and could last for more 2 weeks from now. The movie received a mix response from audience till now. Occupancy on 13th/ 14th day also remains constant on the marks.

Occupancy during the days were not more than 10%, but as no other Bollywood film was scheduled for release, it goes a big to perform.

The 2nd weekend opened good but less than the average occupancy on the weekdays. Because of the scheduled currency change in the country, the movie suffered big at the BO. Till now Shivay had earned over 105 crores at the BO which is great considering the initial response. 110 crores were the total budget for the film.

Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

During the 3rd week, Shivay remained underperformer on the BO. The film had performed below the expectations of the fans. Collecting the whole earnings of the entire 3rd week couldn’t even match to the earnings of 2nd weekend.

That was primarily because Shivaay collection dropped subsequently as there were other releases scheduled for single screens. By the end of the 3rd week, only a few multiplexes in India spotted screening Shivaay.

Shivay overseas collections remain at par than any other Bollywood movie. The film had collected 14 crore overseas which is good considering the size of release. The movie can still mint out a good amount by the sell off TV broadcasting rights. Since Ajay Devgn’s hadn’t charged anything from the film. The entire earnings from TV rights will be his share.

Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

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  1. Why Other Websites not yet declare Shivaay Collection in INDIA as you have mentioned. I am also sure it has cross 100 crores in India but why they don’t show. Please communicate with them and other Analyst and ask them to share the correct collections.

  2. Shivaay is outstanding in action and emotion. It has already crossed 100 crores since long. But other websites has not published the same since date.

    • u really wanna know the exact figure of shivaay,to be exact? 96 crore not including today,and adhm is 111crore not including today . guaranteed”

  3. Shivaay is very nice movie and Ajay Devgan’s performance very good. Movie can see once again.

  4. These Bollywood reporters not providing exact figures of shivaay in other end showing big figures of Karan’s ADHM which is bulshit movie of d year, wat d fuck is going on..??????

    • ur backside 4 a superhit,not even the cost has been recovered, from which is it a super hit,ur backside ur fuckin jokers ha-ha;

    • It is a awesome movie. I love to see again. I love your every role you played in all the films Ajay sir.

  5. Dr. Prabhat Kumar Rai on

    Thanks to you for showing right reports about Shivaay gross income Please watch Shivaay in theatres and multiplexes on Sunday and Monday so that it can surpass the bakwas Adhm

  6. There is a strong biased propaganda going on in favour of ADHM, that’s why most of the critics praised that film and panned this film. Shivaay is a great action film, a one of its kind for Bollywood, and it deserved better box office figures than this.


  8. Shivaay ek bahut hi achhi film hai Qki maine first show hi dekha tha aur mujhe bahut achhi lagi, bhale hi humari kosis wahan tak iss film ko nahi pahuncha saki, aaplog ek baar jarur dekhein iss film ko jarur pasand aayegi.

  9. Dr. Prabhat Kumar Rai on

    Shivaay will win the race in long run a great movie by Ajay Sir at domestic market. Internation al grosses of Adhm are forced and wrong I request all Indians to watch Shivaay in theaters and multiplexes ADHM is Bakwas SHIVAAY ROCKS

  10. Ravi kumar punjabi on

    Shivaay is great movie Ajay sir is a best in all parts acting+ direction plz watch it again.and again

  11. Every Indian should be proud of for the reason that Shivaay like movies can also be made in India. Hollywood like action sequences and emotion. Never seen before actions in Indian Cinema. Ajay Devgn has made hard work for the last two years and every one should encourage it instead of bad paid reviews by the paid critics.

    Shivaay is just outstanding in all aspects.

    • dreamer yo its a big time flop of 2016,its only cos of khans the industry got a bit of respect,there box office collection s,.shivaay was a big disaster plz dont write whats not true.plz u indians lie too much.

  12. Both Shivaay and ADHM will be a hit movies becoz now whoever has seen ADHM would like to see Shivaay and whoever has seen Shivaay would like to see ADHM.

  13. Dr. Prabhat Kumar Rai on

    I request the all Indians to watch Shivaay in theatres again and again as it is wonderful film by Ajay Sir. Those who have not watched yet please go with family to boost Ajay sir hard work as whole thingh is creating unnecessary doubt. SHIVAAY ROCKS Avoid Bakwas ADHM

  14. SHIVAAY is a great movie. but the new generation likes ghatiya romantic movie ADHM.
    Shivaay is suffering from “Note vandi” and struggling to enter 100 crores club. but it is better than ADHM.

  15. Dr. Prabhat Kumar Rai on

    I request every Indian to watch Shivaay in theaters and multiplexes, a great movie resulting from hard work of Ajay Sir We should encourage him by making a big hit Watch again and again with family Avoid Bakwas ADHM

  16. adhm is an ordinary movie W hearas shivay is extraordinarily,outstanding and fresh movie of 2016.

  17. 3 basic reason of that.

    1. Shivaay movie jaise ki name as pata lagta hai lord shiv par base hai to Muslim religion k log vaise hi nahi gaye kyuki vo is mamle m bahut kattar hote hai.

    2. ADHM m Pakistan actor work kar rahe the jiako karan johar or salman khan ne support kiya tha to sabhi Muslim ne ADHM ko dekha.

    3. ADHM ko live Muslim k sath sath love couple ka sath bhi mila sabhi ne ADHM ko dekha kyuki love par base thi. Jabki shivaay ko sirf jyadar ajay k fan hi dekhne gye.

    But Sab jante hai shivaay all time best movie hai ADHM uske age kahi nahi tikti.
    Shivaay is awesome movie.