Shivaay 3rd Day Collection – Shivay 1st Saturday Weekend Box Office Total Report: Ajay Devgn Rocks Worldwide

Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report
Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

Shivaay 2nd / 3rd Day Collection 2 /3 Days Shivay 1st Saturday / Sunday / Weekend Box Office Report: Shivaay movie is turning out to be the most lucrative deal for Ajay Devgn. Shivaay collection for the first day was a great signal that something big is going to happen this Diwali. There is also a craze of superhero movies during the festival.

Shivaay second day collection could be mostly benefited because of increasing number of popularity among the masses. The another major factor which had affected the fan following was the association of superstar Ajay Devgn himself. Being experienced in the industry, he is famous among the audience for his work.

Shivaay 2nd Day Collection

2 Days Shivay 1st Saturday Box Office Report

Shivay was produced with a budget of 105 crore rupees out of which a substantial amount was spent on publicity and advertising. Since it was the dream project of Ajay, he had not compromised even with the single details. The Diwali business of this year is around 120 crore for both the films, Shivay collections and as well as ADHM collection.

In the two days weekend for Diwali specifically, they are going to earn 95 crores, it would be interesting to see who will win the marks here.

The ongoing craze was perfect for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil from the start, but slowly it is turning out in favor of Shivaay collection. Ground reports had suggested that the positive reviews of Shivaay from social media had changed the things. People are actually going with their families to watch the films, and they prefer Shivay over the other competitors, which could be the main reason of this uncertain competition among the masses.

Starring of new actresses had also benefited the Shivaay box office collection. There is positiveness among the Indian audience towards the stars abroad trying to adopt their culture. Moreover, in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, there are posters of movie everywhere around the corner. Film hadn’t faced any political backlash which was a good point.

Shivaay 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Shivay 1st Saturday Box Office Report

For Bollywood BO earnings, it was able to grab around 2400 screens around the country, which primarily includes the single screens as multi-screen owners seems to decline towards Karan Johar’s film.

Shivay 1st Day Collection: 10.3 crore rupee

Shivaay 2nd Day Collection: 10.06 Crore rupees (nett)

Shivaay 3rd Day Collection – Rs. 8.26 cr (early estimate)

Shivay 3 Days Box Office Collections [Worldwide]: 20 crore rupees (domestic) + 8 crore (overseas) = 28 crores (approx)

2 Days Shivay 1st Saturday Box Office Report

Overall the buzz was great, but it was not minted out well during the last week. The film does have many superhit songs but considering the length of songs; the runtime should have minimized too. The exceeded out of the pocket runtime had made it difficult for the multi screens owners to run the movie adjusted with other’s schedule and almost 200 screens were dropped all over the India. Which means around 10% fewer earnings than the expected ones.

Shivaay 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Shivay 1st Saturday Box Office Report

Shivaay Review

The significant part of any story is its concept and story. Shivaay movie has an entirely fresh story for all the viewers, and it could be the BO superstar this Diwali. It might not work very well during the opening day but weekend and Diwali is booked for Shivay for sure.

Shivaay is one-time watch in theaters, all fans of Ajay Devgn should go for the first day first show. Efforts of the superstar to make the movie superhit could be seen in every single scene.

Continue reading Shivaay Review.

Even after all the controversy going on, strong support was seen in locations of India including Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab as well. As the result of ongoing response, many theater owners decided to run the film from the subsequent day, and almost 50-100 screens were added in the empire itself. The competition is increasing with each successive day, and it would be interesting to see who will win.

Shivaay 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Shivay 1st Saturday Box Office Report

For the collection of Shivaay, we have around 35% opening occupancy in most of the theaters in Delhi. In Mumbai, similar numbers were observed with weak but increasing support for the movie. The occupancy improved during the afternoon and evening shows a bit more, and expected rate of 42% was achieved in the metro cities. The night shows are houseful in mass centers including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore because of Diwali holiday.

The movie also proved well enough in overseas. According to agencies reports, Shivaay had earned around 12 crore rupees from the foreign market as 2 days BO earnings. The real test starts from today as it’s going to decide the ultimate fate of the movie.

So share the incredible box office collection of Shivay movie on your social media profiles to support Shivay. Stay tuned for more updates on Shivaay Saturday collection.

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  1. Shivaay is good action filled movie…the direction of ajay is very good……this movie must see every person…the locations are also superb……….awesome movie……

  2. This Diwali only Ajay Devgan ND his Shivaay.plz Ajay make sure anther time direct nthr movie with dffrnt concept like u did in shivaay

  3. awsme movie…….shivaaay the best,,,
    dont watch randi khaana karan johar good movie…..he directs randi khaana movies

  4. KRk Ab Ready Ho Jaye Ajay Sir ka Naukar Ban ne k liye . Aur Ek baat to proof ho gai ki Krk se karan Jauhar se 25lakh liye the negative comments Bhaukne k liye But Shivaay is Har Har *****

  5. Nowadays in India, most of the people moving towards the films in which they find so-called hot scene but no any knowledge or nothing to learn that’s why this collection of movies is less for movies like Ajay brother’s Shivay.
    But, I believe those are people who think about family and to learn something new they will make Shivay most super hit than other stuff.
    All the best to Shivay.

  6. Good movie i have ever seen fantastic keep going Ajay sir very nice movie too good please go & watch this movie

  7. Bina dekhe so called critics ne reviuw dena suru kar diya reviuw dene ki aisi lagi ki logo ka train chuut raha hai kuch log kahte hai film bahut lambi ye bollywood ki pehli film nahi hai jo lambi hai isi saal ms dhoni sultan dono film lagbhag 3hour ki thi or dono super hit hui tab to kisi ne nahi kaha ki film lambi hai bhai film ka run time sab ko malum hota hai ye kuch bhade ke tatu jo apne ko 30mar khan samjte shivaay is no dought one of the best film of decet

  8. a must watch for a totally different story line.superb locations in high altitude-fantastic cinemetography-the indian tech guys on par with the best of hollywood.

  9. Just go and watch shivaay and get your double möney back superb and outstanding movie by shivaay team..
    If ur planning to watch Ae dil hai mushkil then definately ur money will be in mushkil.. Boring.. Movie ever
    Great Ajay..

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