Shivaay (Shivay) Movie Review & Rating: Ajay Devgn

Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report
Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

Shivaay Review Rating: Shivay movie. Ajay Devgn is coming this Friday with his house production, Shivay. Shivaay is one of the biggest releases of this year in India. The film is successful in bagging more than 2400 screens around the country. Film is directed by superstar Ajay Devgan himself who had also produced it with a whopping budget.

It’s believed that Shivay is none other than his dream film which he wants to do before getting retirement. The movie trailer and songs don’t reflect much about the storyline. Because of that, there is a kind of excitement in the air for Shivaay review. Ajay Devgn aka Shivaay is a mountaineer who takes the people to ride Great Himalayan mountain range. He has good friends over there. Erika Kaar aka Olga is Bulgarian who is in India to spend some great days; the film sequences goes into a way that stressful situations make them fall in love with each other. They came close, and Erika got pregnant afterward.

Shivaay Review

Getting ditched from destiny, Erika doesn’t want to hold the child any long but Ajay Devgn insists on keeping the baby. They mutually got admitted in keeping the baby in a condition that she would be free to leave for her home country after delivery. Erika delivers the baby and leaves for Bulgaria.

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Later it was known that Ajay’s daughter (Abigail Eames aka Guara) who is staying with him couldn’t speak. As she grows, she keeps on insisting his father meet the mother. After various failed efforts, he decided to go and let her meet.

But the situations in Bulgaria didn’t match up very well. In Bulgaria, Guara got kidnapped, and he faces the true time to prove his skills. The kickass fight between Ajay Devgn and corrupt authorities could put many films to shame. Ajay had even crossed the Rohit Shetty limit here and totally badass performances could be seen. However, there is strictly no comedy after the duo arrived in a foreign land.

Shivaay Review Rating

The first half of the movie basically focuses on unprecedented scenes and the story of pair falling in love. The kickass performance of Ajay Devgn is literally one of the best things in the entire movie. It’s not clear whether Ajay Devgn wants to relate the film with reality or stick to hypothetically framed instances.

The narration is done in a way that it looks quite organic, but the actions are hypothetical. This part of the movie is not much interesting in comparison to what it’s advertised for.

Shivaay Review – shivaay movie review

The second half of Shivay has quite cinematic views. Breathtaking view and fast actions could take any action lover’s heart away. The movie is actually a great attempt to raise the standards of Bollywood. Abigail Eames (Guara)’s performance is not that much good.

She is quite impressive in her roles but nothing in comparison of a girl in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The emotions in the second half are very strong; Ajay had taken care of every minor detail in the story. Erika should have avoided Hindi alike Katrina Kaif.

Shivaay review and rating

The direction of Ajay Devgn is not at par. He should have given this task to someone more experienced. You guessed it right, talking about Rohit only. Few comical scenes during the Diwali festival could make the movie hot, but nothing such observed at all.

The first half can attract anyone because of unsolved mysteries but the second half doesn’t work very well. For no good reason, the plot of Shivaay had been exceeded for more than half an hour.

Shivaay is supposed to be a family entertainer in a season of Diwali; Ae Dil Hai Mushkil had made every possible effort for this, but nothing was seen from Shivay side. What we liked most about this film was the plot. Film had been directed in a way that some fringe clues of the plot were given all the way long in the first half itself, and they resemble in the final episode.

Shivaay Review Rating

The significant part of any story is its concept and story. Shivaay movie has an entirely fresh story for all the viewers, and it could be the box office superstar this Diwali. It might not work very well during the opening day but weekend and Diwali is booked for Shivaay for sure.

Shivaay is one-time watch in theaters, all fans of Ajay Devgn should go for the first day first show. Efforts of the superstar to make the movie superhit could be seen in every single scene.

Shivaay Rating

TRT: 8/10 Stars

Stay tuned. If you watched the movie, don’t mind sharing your Shivaay review.

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  1. ultimate movie fed up with kjo senseless movies. After a long time seen a good movie after Pk………

  2. Its very beautiful movie every body love its. Real ajay devagan prove his self his is best actor as well as director…. I hope this move break the many record of box office

  3. Yes, I Agree movie with few edit to make it 20-30 mins short I might had been great movie.. A must watch for Ajay Devgan.. Emotional-Action (well said Pradeep) a visual treat..

  4. Yaa awesome any star can’t acting like ajay devgan like his once apon time in mumbai really best actor director nd best part of movie is ajay’s acting really must watch it i watch already two time

  5. its one of the best movies of 2016
    exceptional cinematogrphy
    all round entertainer
    if one has option of 3 free tickets ,i will watch shivaay twice
    but i will never watch aa dil ae mushkil twice will be waste of
    both are one time watch, but shivaay twice is ok
    so go and watch both movies and have a blast
    happy diwali to all

    rajesh sippy

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