Shivaay (Shivay) 8th Day Collection Shivay 2nd Friday Box Office Report

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Shivaay 8th Day Collection 8 Days Shivay 2nd Friday Box Office Report: Shivaay Collection report has arrived and it had undergone a big change as expected earlier by our team. The movie had rocked the BO with its earnings report. Film which was not projected to mint 50 crores.

The projected Shivaay lifetime collections increased after watching earnings on the important days like Diwali. Shivay collections had dropped a big on the full holidays in almost every theater of the country. However, when it comes to partial holidays, Shivaay box office booms up and recorded highest ever earnings in the history of veteran actor Ajay Devgn.

Shivaay 8th Day Collection

8 Days Shivay 2nd Friday Box Office Report

The movie is produced and directed by Ajay Devgn himself. He found himself in various controversies last week because of average direction and exceeding the length of movie unnecessarily. Despite all that, Shivay box office collections attained big heights this month.

The film was successful in reaching the 85 crore rupees target till now. Till there were no big releases on Bollywood box office this week, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Shivaay collections will continue to perform for one more day in India.

Shivay 8th Day Collection was observed going well than the previous day in many cinemas across the country. Similar to the earlier days, occupancy was seen higher in the single screens in comparison to the multiplexes. Shivay collection holds up strong in many important areas too including the national capital Delhi and Bollywood capital Mumbai. A significant growth in the 2nd-week earnings was observed in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Shivaay 8th Day Collection 8 Days Shivay 2nd Friday Box Office Report

The movie had earned some great figures which had knocked the potential to the dead end. Thursday BO collection of Shivaay is very much essential for every fan who follows every single update of the industry as the report is going to decide which movie had earned better at the BO. The budget of Shivaay movie was 110 crore rupees when Ajay didn’t charge for his services himself.

The overall occupancy rate of 31% for the morning shows, 20% in the noon and 25% in the night shows was observed by our team around the various centers. The fans are watching the film again to celebrate the weekend which had definitely boosted the potential in Shivay collection.

India CollectionShivaay
1st Week
2nd Week
Friday – Shivaay 8th Day Collection4.61
Total Domestic Collection76.61
Total Overseas Collection12.2
Total Collection88.81

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8 Days Shivay 2nd Friday Box Office Report

The first two days earnings of Shivaay was around 20 crore rupees which were little less than expectations. The major setback was observed for a film with 110 crore rupees budget as there is less number of occupancy in comparison to the other days of Diwali holiday. The big disappointment was because it’s the dream project of veteran actor Ajay Devgn and he didn’t receive equated response.

In comparison to other movies of Ajay Devgn, Shivaay had performed much better in the BO. But in contrast to ADHM collections, Shivay collection didn’t perform much better. The Diwali war was won by ADHM as the movie was successful in attracting the audience with unlimited gags.

Shivaay 8th Day Collection 8 Days Shivay 2nd Friday Box Office Report

The occupancy improved during the afternoon and evening shows a bit more, and expected rate of 42% was achieved in the metro cities. The night shows are houseful in mass centers including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore because of Diwali holiday.

Shivaay Saturday BOC was also good enough considering holiday on a subsequent day. In the morning shows, it was seen that overall fill out rate of 30% was observed followed by night shows with full house episodes in metro cities.

On Monday, around 46% occupancy was observed in theaters around the country. Single screens lead the numbers with highest fill out rate around the nation. Along with that, a significant drop in prices of the ticket had also worked to give Shivaay collections a much-needed boost on a working day.

Shivaay 8th Day Collection 8 Days Shivay 2nd Friday Box Office Report

Shivaay box office collection of 5th day was good in comparison. The movie suffered a drop but not that much. Because of screening in the single screens, fickle continues to stay strong during the night shows. Overall festive business on Monday was good considering it an average weekday but nothing special. The occupancy rate of 35% was observed.

Shivaay sixth Day Collections was great considering that the day was a weekday and no holiday was also there. We had lower expectations since it was the first day of the month and its considered to be very much busy in offices, and people drop the plans for the movie. Despite everything it was observed that almost 25% occupancy was observed.

Shivaay 8th Day Collection 8 Days Shivay 2nd Friday Box Office Report

Shivaay seventh day collection reports also went positive considering the quantum of response film had received in early days. It’s expected this movie will again rise during this weekend and earn another 40 crore rupees by the end of 2nd week.

Around the mass centers, Shivaay collection had marked up a never forgettable footprint. The movie is a mixed story and unique experience for viewers as well as film critics, Shivaay had highlighted the different colors of Indian audience are making it better for products and brands understanding the audience.

Shivaay 8th Day Collection 8 Days Shivay 2nd Friday Box Office Report

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  1. wonderful movie….stunning cinematography…….see what a father can do to protect his daughter………..a must watch………………….

  2. Shivay is very good movie if you watch this movie on theatre, you would not disappointed as boring movie ae dil mushkil disappoting everyone.

  3. Sanjay Kumar Singh on

    A good actor and a good director.A bond between daughter and father.After long time an intense movies comes.

  4. Wow what a movie shivaay is
    M not understanding why d audience not seeing this movie instead of adhm
    Superb action u can see how a father can do for his family
    Superb ajay sir

    • Shivaay was too much prolonged abd over violence although Ajay Devgun acted very well Se dil hai mushkil has a known director and turned Shivaay upside Down u can’t compare A class movie like ae dil hai mushkil with a movie like shivaay full if un believable actions this will be a lesson to Ajay not to compete with Karan Johar

      • People like you cannot understand the depth of protection, the father gives his Daughter and his family. What the good you are talking about adhm,the same ghisi pity westernised story which has no moral.

  5. Dharmendra Kushwaha Dabangg on

    शिवाय बहुत अच्छी फिल्म है,,,i like it,,,superbb