Siya Ke Ram 20th February 2016: Bidaai Ceremony Finishes

Siya Ke Ram 25th February 2016

Siya Ke Ram 20th February 2016The show begins with Janak calming Sita saying that parents know what children love and what annoys them. He continues and says that once their daughter goes to in-laws she will be only known by her nature, values and her behaviour, it may take time for them to adjust with her and truly understand her but she should always try to win their hearts by her behaviour and her deeds. (see: All Episodes of SKR.)

He then cautions her that it won’t always be easy to do so but you should show perseverance and always protect your self-esteem even if she has to give agni pariksha for that and then he ends saying that this is the last piece of knowledge he can give her. Sita asks him to take care of her mother as she will be alone and also tells that she wants to learn Shastra gyan from him. He then hugs Sita.

Siya Ke Ram 20th February 2016

Sumitra, Kaikeyi and Kaushalya are discussing when their sons will be back with their wives. Then they hear some people ringing plates and Sumitra asks them if they had any good news. One girl among them tells her that the good news is that the Bidaai is going to happen from Mithila and sooner their sons will arrive. Kaikeyi asks the girl to repeat the news and then ask Dassi to give the gold coins to all the people.

Here Sita recalls her own childhood by touching the art paintings. He sisters also come there and they all start crying while Sunaina and Chnadrabhaga look on. Sita and her four sisters greet everyone with teary eyes and Janak too turns and cries. Then he hugs Sita and Urmila. Sunaina and Janak then recall the girls childhood and then Sunaina takes the four girls forward and greets Dasharath.

Siya Ke Ram 20th February 2016

She says that they are blessed that  their daughters became his bahus and says that they have taught them the best values they can and even after if they commit some mistake she ask him to forgive them. Dasharath says that he is taking them as his daughters as Sunaina is sending them as his bahus.

Then Janak comes forward and thanks, Dasharath from his family and Mithila side too and ask for forgiveness if he did anything less in serving him. Guru Vashisht says that his serving to Atithi was best and Ram and Sita’s marriage will be remembered always. Then Dasharath asks Janak to allow them to leave. Then Ram thanks Janak for he found him yogya for Sita and promises that he will try his best to keep her happy always. He too then asks his leave with his blessings. Then Bharat along with Laxman and Shatrughan greet Janak and all elders of Mithila.

SiyaKeRam 20th Feb. 2016

Dasharath along with his sons proceed whereas Sita and all her sisters do Bidaai rituals. All the elders cry seeing the girls leave. Sita wipes Janak’s tears and then hugs him. Following her, all her sisters also give a hug to Janak. All the elders watch their love for each other and it becomes an emotional moment for the daughters and parents.

Later Kushadwaj takes Sita aside and consoles her whereas Sunaina’s brothers take other sisters of Sita to their dolis. Then the dolis are lifted by men as the song Mithila nagariya … the song plays. Then the journey begins and they all the Mithila wasi and the brides are crying seeing each other.

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