Suhani teaches a lesson to Yuvani on manners in Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th May Episode

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th May 2016

The episode of Suhani Si Ek Ladki started with Leela saying Suhani made the food that day. Dadi asked Leela why she embarrassed them by making guests cook. Suhani said she wanted to make food; Leela would prepare from tomorrow. She told Pratima that she made suji ka halwa that day. Soumya said that would be full of ghee.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki Latest Episode

Suhani said she knew Soumya tortured Pratima by making the salad, that day Maa would have halwa. Pratima said yes. Krishna said she did not like anything cooked there. Rags asked her to manage that day. Soumya said she would cook. Suhani said she would make that. Soumya said that was okay, she would make pasta for Krishna. She asked Yuvani to have food which Suhani made. (Also See: Civil War Collections )

Rags told Menka that elders couldn’t work which kids could do, they should not target Soumya; she should target Krishna. Menka said she did not matter.

Soumya told Yuvani to check plaster covers, and wear that if she liked that. Yuvani asked Soumya to make her wear that. Soumya said no, aunty would make you wear that. Suhani checked the plaster covers. She liked that and made Yuvani wear that. Yuvani thanked Soumya. Suhani said Soumya’s choice had always been good.

Soumya received a parcel. Krishna asked what that was. She checked that and said that was a flute, like a pied piper Hamelin story. Yuvaan asked Yuvani didn’t she know that. Krishna said no, Yuvani didn’t read story books; she just read fashion magazines. Suhani got thinking.

Yuvaan asked for whom that was. Soumya said for him, she did not give him any gift till then, that’s why. Yuvaan touched her feet and thanked her. Soumya asked who would say the story to Yuvani. Suhani told the story. She hugged Krishna and said sorry; she could not make food for her that day; she would make tomorrow. Yuvani told Soumya that she won’t go to Suhani.

Leela gave Kesar milk to Yuvani. Yuvani asked where mum was. Leela said she was with Krishna. Yuvani said she wanted milk by Soumya’s hand and threw the glass. Suhani came and saw that. She asked what happened. Yuvani said she wanted mum. Suhani said fine, but why she threw milk, anyone could get hurt. Yuvani said she didn’ care. Soumya and Dadi came there. Dadi asked Soumya why she did not give milk to Yuvani.


Soumya said she thought Suhani would give milk to her. Dadi said that was mother’s work, who was Yuvaani’s mum. Menka and Rags looked on. Menka joked. Suhani said Soumya was Yuvani’s mum. Soumya asked them to go. She hugged Yuvani and said she would never leave her. She thought she was doing that for Krishna; she promised she would also do something for her. (Suggested: Kumkum Bhagya Latest Episode)

It was morning, Yuvaan asked Suhani why did Yuvani throw food, that was not good thing. Suhani said she didn’t know. He asked Suhani to explain her. She said yes, she would. She took breakfast for Yuvani. Yuvani said she had food and medicines, mumma gave her, she took care of her. Suhani said fine and went. Yuvaan explained Yuvani that she should not throw milk like that, many children in the world do not get milk. Suhani heard that.

Soumya told Rags that she was calling Yuvani’s friends and giving party to cheer her mood. Rags said don’t hide your insecurity. Soumya got a beautiful dress for Yuvani. Yuvani thanked and hugged Soumya. The party began. Krishna introduced her friends to Yuvaan. Dadi told Suhani that they raised Yuvani well, she had everything. Dadi started scolding Krishna as she could hurt Yuvani. Soumya asked the kids to play. Yuvani said she should get special girft for her, she was Yuvni Birla. Yuvani refused to apologize and kicked her. She asked her to get out. Everyone got shocked. Rags, Menka and Dadi smiled. Suhani looked at Pratima and Soumya.

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