Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2016: Episode 598 Star Plus

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th May Episode

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2016: The start of today’s episode featured Bhavna letting Suhani know that Soumya is going to deliver soon. Suhani wanted to have a video chat. Then, Bhavna handed over a book to her saying that it was a gift from Rags. (watch: Suhaani See Ekk Ladki All Episodes.)

Rags arrived and said that it was a book on parenting and wanted to gift by himself. Sajan came to do foot massage. Meanwhile, Rags put something inside the book. Then, Rags made sure to collide and spill oil. Rags scolded him. Yuvraj saw Suhani coming to the spilled oil area, and he stopped her. He also scolded Sajan while Suhani tried to protect him. He cleaned the floor and walked away.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2016

Yuvraj asked her the reason for Rags’ visit. She smiled. Rags talked to himself. Yuvraj checked the book offered by Rags. Pratima volunteered to read the book for Suhani. He appreciated her effort and said that he will remain in busy in work.

Then, Ramesh brought something. Instead, Pratima stated that they could have bought it from the market when Yuvraj told to make a cradle for himself. Suhani asked to make a big one. Pratima and Suhani challenged Yuvraj for the cradle and reading stories. Both the sides accepted the challenge.

Yuvraj asked them the reason for being the book sticky. But, Suhani smiled and asked him to do the job. She asked him to lick the finger and turn the page. She laughed as her idea started working. Yuvraj started reading the book. Soon, he began coughing. Both the ladies worried seeing him bleeding.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2016

They called the doctor who told them that it was a chemical poison. Dadi asked Sharad to call Saurabh. Rags started worrying as Yuvraj will doubt on him and what will happen if everybody got to know it. Doctor gave him medicine and said he will be okay. Meanwhile, Rags was still worrying.

Suhani told Bhavna about the Saurabh’s message of Yuvraj¬†didn’t go to the lab. She started thinking and found that he didn’t touch anything except that book. She took the book and smelled it and asked Bhavna for the same. They breathed foul smell out of the book and got worried.

Bhavna asked her to pack the book and wash hands. Suhani thought about the culprit., Bhavna gave her an idea. She asked Suhani to have Besan Laddoos. She didn’t want to eat, but she convinced her to have it. Bhavana said that she would send the book to the lab tomorrow. Sajan arrived and ate laddoos as Suhani asked him. To it, he said to make methi laddoos for her. Suhani denied and Bhavna laughed.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2016

Rags had a conversation on the phone and then asked Dadi to sign some papers. She was thinking about Yuvraj. Rags tried to divert him and said it was food poisoning as he might have eaten something wrong outside. Ramesh came to inform that Yuvraj got conscious back. Dadi left the papers and went to see him.

Next morning, Suhani enjoyed Besan Laddoos and talking to her child. Bhavna smiled seeing her. Yuvraj asked her who talk to oneself. Suhani replied that she was talking to her child. He wanted to leave that children’s conversation.

Pratima came and asked about his wellness. He appeared tired but said that he was fine. Yuvraj said that the AC of their room wasn’t working, and Suhani was talking to children. He teased her. Bhavna agreed to her as she said that babies hear all. He referred everybody being gone made.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2016

Suhani said that one of her children would be like Yuvraj, who will born with AC as she was feeling hot. Yuvraj asked her not to worry and was told to fix the cooler soon and walked away. Pratima asked Suhani to have some meethi laddoos as they are good for babies’ health.

Radhe arrived and greeted Suhani. Radhe saw Sajan and said that he was like Sajan in his childhood. He asked to have breakfast first. He went with both the ladies. Rags asked Pratima the reason for Radhe’s visit. She said that he came to meet Golu.

Radhe asked Suhani about the culprit, but she didn’t know. He stated that he know one of the chemists and will ask him. Bhavna stated that no one should be aware about it at home. Radhe convinced them. Suhani asked him to let them know as soon as he got to know something and not anyone else. Someone looked at them. Radhe hid the book as Sharad entered the room.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2016

Rags spoiled the cooler saying that he didn’t want Suhani to have cold air. He got away from the cooler as Sajan came there.

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