Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th April 2016 Full Episode: Yuvaan and Yuvaani falls from the cliff; Yuvraj to donate blood

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th May 2016

The episode of Suhani Si Ek Ladki started with Suhani praying to Lord. Soumya came to see Krishna sleeping at night. She saw Yuvraaj and Suhaani’s pic fallen on the ground and thought Krishna’s future was most important for her, if Dadi knew that she was not married to Yuvraaj, they would make Krishna away from Yuvraaj. Yuvaan prayed for Suhani’s happiness. He prayed for Soumya too. Yuvani heard that and prayed for his mummy too.

In the morning, Suhani read a chit on the newspaper. She got another chit on the juice jar. She thought who did all that. She said Sambhav…… Sambhav came there and brought a bouquet. He said sorry, his boss would shout on him if he got late. She smiled and said he was mad. She recalled Yuvraaj and cried. Bhavna looked at her.

Yuvraaj told Soumya he did not differentiate between Yuvaani and Krishna. She asked what she had in their absence. He asked her not to say anything then. She thanked him. He called Tiwari and told something. Soumya smiled.

The kids laughed at Yuvaan who reaches the place after cycling. Yuvaan told them that he was scared of ghosts. The kids teased him. Tiwari came home and told Menka that he had to meet Krishna, he has to take sign for Krishna’s FD. She said 25 lakhs for any stranger. Yuvraaj came and said mind it, she was his daughter. She said she would call Dadi. Dadi came and asked what happened.


Suhani told Bhavna that she was not able to focus on work. She asked Suhani to give a chance to Sambhav.

Suhani said no, he was her friend. Bhavna said lovers may not become friends can become lovers, think about that. Suhani said just Yuvaan was important for her. Yuvraaj told Soumya that she and Krishna were important to him, he took Krishna’s responsibility by himself, don’t worry. Yuvaan fell down the cliff and everyone got worried. Yuvaani gave her hand to help him.

Suhani got a call and talked to Sambhav. Bhavna got the call on the landline and got shocked. Doctor said children fell from the cliff. Suhani saw Yuvaan and cried. Doctor said he was arranging blood units for him. He asked not to lose courage. Sambhav got to arrange blood units. The nurse said her child wanted blood right then and took her to Yuvaani. Suhani told her blood group and said she would give her blood to Yuvaani, her friend would arrange blood units for her son.

Yuvraj came there and asked the nurse about Yuvaani. The nurse said the lady whose son was admitted was giving blood to his daughter, but her son was not getting blood donor. He asked what his blood group was and said his blood matched; he would give his blood. She said yes, he could give him blood.

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