Sultan 21st / 22nd Day Box Office Collection 3rd Week / 4th Wednesday Report: Movie Makes 559 crores worldwide

Sultan Box Office Collections 32nd Day (32 Days) 5th Monday Report
Sultan Box Office Collections 32nd Day (32 Days) 5th Monday Report

Sultan 21st / 22nd Day Collection 21 / 22 Days Sultan 3rd Tuesday / 4th Wednesday Box Office Business and Occupancy Report: Sultan movie being the all time blockbuster of Salman Khan tops the charts of Bollywood for a month. It seems quite unrealistic, but it happened because of schedule. (check: Kabali collections.)

Salman Khan’s film is scheduled in a way so that it wouldn’t cross any other movie’s and become an all-time superhit. The film opens up well at the box office just before the day of Eid. Around 80% occupancy had been observed in the theaters around the country. Also See: Sultan review.

Sultan 21st Day Collection

21 Days Sultan 3rd Tuesday Box Office

With houseful shows because of pre-bookings around the corner, Sultan collection remained the most talked about the topic from Indian entertainment industry for the past 3 weeks. Occupancy on an opening day remains on top of the marks.

Usually, Bollywood films couldn’t expect more than 40% even if everything went well. Salman Khan remains on the top of Bollywood charts since years. But the movie was his most talked about film on social media despite severe criticism.

On over the period of 21 days, the film had suffered many positives and downfalls as well. The film minted 180.65 crores as its first 5 days long weekend honeymoon period. The film had received a tremendous response on Monday as well. Usually, movies drop to 10-20% on the weekdays, but flick remains on top charts with mere 50% drop.

Sultan 21st Day Collection 21 Days Sultan 3rd Tuesday Box Office

The movie was released on over 4352 screens in India and 1100 screens overseas which were enough to create a big hype. Whatever good can happen with the timing and clashes of date, has been happened with the film. From getting a 5-day long weekend to great success for songs, the film had made everything it had to be.

Not able to his own record in India, Salman Khan successfully fetched the highest ever opening day number in Pakistan with 2.2 cr INR (3.45 cr PKR) and Gulf (1.4 million $) during a single day, the subsequent response from both the regions was positive.

The talkie also collected 3.04 million $ (20.5 cr) on day one in an overseas mark which is fantastic considering mid-week release for Salman Khan. Till now the overseas records used to be led by SRK only, but it seems that with the time, Salman’s preference can be seen.

Sultan 21st Day Collection 21 Days Sultan 3rd Tuesday Box Office

After that, the talkie had suffered a long pain in its journey. The film minting more than 10 crores since the end of first week collections dropped badly at the box office.

During its journey, two Bollywood films got released on the big screen. One was Great Grand Masti, and the other was Madaari. Sultan collection remains unaffected from either of the movie.

The 2nd and 3rd weekend were not good for the film. Sultan collection struggled to reach the mark of 5 crores even during the weekends. There was a widespread reduction in some screens because occupancy remains low.

However, the film still performed up to the expectations in metro cities. Salman’s third last film, Bajrangi Bhaijaan stayed at the box office for more than 5 weeks. It seems that Sultan’s 4th weekend would be the last one.

Sultan 21st Day Collection 21 Days Sultan 3rd Tuesday Box Office
 Sultan Collection  Collections (in INR crores)
   1st Week
   Wednesday 36.54 
   Thursday 37.32 
   Friday 31.67
   Saturday 36.62
   Sunday 38.21
   Monday 15.54
   Tuesday 12.92
   Wednesday 10.82
   Thursday 09.52
   1st Week Total Collection 229.16
   2nd Week
   Friday 07.43
   Saturday 11.46
   Sunday 15.18
   Monday 04.08
   Tuesday 03.72
   Wednesday 03.42
   Thursday 03.51
   2nd Week Total Collection  48.80
   3rd Week
   Friday   2.14
   Saturday   3.81
   Sunday   5.14
   Monday  1.30
   Total Domestic Collection 290.35 crores
   Total Overseas Collection 151.92 crores
   Total Worldwide Collection 442.27 crores (Indian gross)

Wednesday and Thursday are grace days as the film released two days before the usual box office date. The reason was a festival of Eid. On Tuesday the film had earned an amount of 2 crore rupees.

The overseas collections remain even better than the domestic ones. The Huge response was seen from Gulf, Pakistan and the United States of America. Occupancy reaches 70% on that day most of the times. The movie earned 31.5 on 1st Friday.

Sultan 21st Day Collection

Sultan 22nd Day Collection – Rs. 1.15 cr

Sultan 22 Days Box Office Collections – Rs. 559.44 cr worldwide (gross)

Sultan 21st Day Collection 21 Days Sultan 3rd Tuesday Box Office

Sultan collection still proved itself more profitable than any of the Bollywood’s film. It appears that Salman brand remains unaffected because of amid controversies.

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