Sultan Collection: Sultan Box Office Collection, Budget, Earnings, Screen Count

Sultan 5th Weekend box office collection and earnings report
Sultan Collection Sultan Box Office Collections 32nd Day (32 Days) 5th Monday Report

Sultan Collection: Sultan Box Office Collections: Salman Khan’s second film of this year ‘Sultan’ movie opened great on box office. With the release on over more than 4352 screens in India and 1100 screens outside the country, it was the biggest release ever in history. (check: Dishoom collection.)

Film received plenty of mixed reviews from movie critics, of which most of the reviews were positive. The massive dialogues were always a bonus over Salman Khan’s charm in the film. The movie created perfect opening hype on the box office to gather the potential audience.

Sultan Collection: Sultan Box Office Collections

Even on the opening day, the occupancy doesn’t go below the mark of 70% during the entire time frame. The initial reports had suggested that Salman Khan fans are most loyal in whole Bollywood.

However, the craze had somehow gone flat as compared to earlier as the film was not able to break some records. Sultan collection was not able to break the record of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, 41 crores and 44 crores Happy New Year.

 Budget: 70 Crore Indian Rupees 

The last week was also not good, as with the release of Kabali. The occupancy does effect as film somehow snatches a part of the potential audience. Moreover, Kabali opening collections threw the film out of the list of top 3 Indian films on opening day records. However, the flick still maintains its position in Bollywood collections.

Sultan Collection: Sultan Box Office Collections

Sultan Collections – Opening

Fickle opens great on Wednesday, considering that it was a mid-week release. Response from Indian market was well anticipated but overseas also worked well. Movie collected 3.04 million USD (20.5 INR crores) on the opening day. The initial results had indicated that the talkie is going to rock entire next week. From Domestic market, Sultan collection stands to figure of 36.54 crores for opening day.

Sultan Collection
   1st Week
   Wednesday 36.54
   Thursday 37.32
   Friday 31.67
   Saturday 36.62
   Sunday 38.21
   Monday 15.54
   Tuesday 12.92
   Wednesday 10.82
   Thursday 09.52
   1st Week Total Collection 229.16
   2nd Week
   Friday 07.43
   Saturday 11.46
   Sunday 15.18
   Monday 04.08
   Tuesday 03.72
   Wednesday 03.42
   Thursday 03.51
   2nd Week Total Collection  48.80
   3rd Week
   Friday   2.14
   Saturday   3.81
   Sunday   5.14
   Monday   1.30
   Tuesday   1.25
   Wednesday   1.15
   Thursday   1.05
   3rd Week Total Collection 15.84
   4th Week
   Friday 00.60
   Saturday 1.00
   Sunday 1.5 c
   Total Domestic Collection 296.90 cr
   Total Overseas Collection 154.10  cr
   Total Worldwide Collection 451.00 cr

Ps: Mon- Wed – 1 crore

Sultan collections – Overseas

Even the very hard critics of Salman Khan had bowed against him when the film breaks the record on a foreign land of any home production. The movie’s Pakistan collections stand to 2.2 crore INR (3.5 Crore PKR) which was highest in History of Pakistan. The response from other Islamic countries was also positive. Only from the Gulf market, Sultan collection was able to mint out another 1.4 million USD as opening day earnings.

Sultan box office collections

During the 1st week, Sultan box office collections stand at 229.16 crore (net) which is a high figure considering many aspects. The response from the subsequent weeks was also satisfactory; the film was also able to earn superb 48.8 crores during the 2nd week.

The interesting fact stands as the movie was able to stand better than any other movie released in the next week. The fate of Great Grand Masti goes worst when tried to compete with Sultan collection on the 2nd week.

Great Grand Masti somehow collected ten crores during the entire first week. The figure was not even 1/3 of Sultan’s weekday collection. However, the third week was neither good for the movie.

During the third week, the film was not able to perform up to the marks. During the entire week, the flick was not even able to cross its one-day earnings of any of the first weekend day’s earning. The income during the third week stands similar to the figure of 1st Monday which was 15 crore rupees.

The fourth weeks seems to be a closing week as the craze of the talkie goes somewhat in a cold chamber. The film is earning more than 10 crores each day during the 2nd weekend, is losing the grip. Sultan collection hasn’t even touched the figure of 4 crores during the entire week.

Sultan worldwide box office collection – 452 crore rupees.

According to our reports, Dishoom had replaced the movie in most of the theaters. From next week, it would be hard to find any screening of Salman Khan’s Sultan.



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