Supergirl Season 1 Episode 20 (S1E20) Review: Season 1 Finale

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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 20 Review: The finale episode of the first season of “Supergirl” aired last night. Although it was not the best episode of the season, the team did a really good job with playing with the strengths of the story and its characters, leaving behind a massive cliffhanger. (check: Scorpion S2E23 review.)

They succeeded in keeping the viewers hooked to the TV screen throughout the episode and now they are left waiting for the second season. Mind you, the second season has not even been planned yet. But after watching the last episode, I can say that we might see a lot more of Supergirl.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 20 Review

“Better Angels” picks up from where the last episode ended, Myriad-controlled Alex fighting it out against Kara. Even after trying hard, Kara cannot get through to Alex to stop her from fighting. It is finally their mother, Eliza’s intervention that Alex comes to her senses.

Kara figures out that it was Eliza’s words which broke Myriad’s control from Alex’s mind, so she decides to broadcast a similar message to National City. She succeeds. But, unfortunately, National City isn’t out of trouble yet. We learn that Non has amplified Myriad’s signal to an even stronger level, causing major headaches to the population. Non says that he’d kill the humans if he couldn’t control them.

Kara decides to fight Non and Indigo all by herself. Knowing her situation is looking pretty dire, Kara bids everyone good bye. Luckily for her, the DEO and military know where Fort Rozz crash landed in the Nevada desert. It is the power source for Myriad and needs to be destroyed before all humans die due to headaches.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 20 review

After defeating Non and Indigo, Kara and her team have to shut the Myriad device off. Only way possible to do it is to take Fort Rozz into space. Kara does this and is saved by Alex, who hijacks Kara’s Kryptonian spaceship when Kara couldn’t muster enough energy to get back to earth from space.

Now that the world is safe and Kara is saved, everything seems to be going really well. The President pardons J’onn and reinstates him to the head of the DEO. Also, Kara is getting back with the people she loves. But a season finale can’t just end on a happy note.

So, we see another Kryptonian space ship identical to the one that brought Kara to Earth as a child lands on Earth and inside is… guess we will just have to wait for Season 2.


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