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Swaragini 10th march episode

Swaragini 10th February 2016The show begins with Sanskar being happy as Ragini and Laksh leave but Swara says that she also is going and nothing can happen now. Sanskar says that he just need 5 minutes and applies ointment. Kavita comes and puts an end to romantic moment between the two. Sujata calls Sanskar and he too leaves. Kavita asks Swara about her pain and then says good bye to Sanskar and leaves. (see: Swaragini all episodes.)

Swara says that one who suffers only knows about it. She says Kavita was the one to hit her and she thinks of telling the same to Sanskar but then she stops and decides to tell it to some elder member of the family. She tells to Annapurna and Sanskar. She further says that she waited for the moment until Sanskar’s doubts were clear. 

Swaragini 10th February 2016

Sanskar says that is the reason that she was in the cupboard. Sanskar suggests of calling the police but Annapurna says that they will keep her under observation and after sangeet will ask her to go. If she doesn’t then they will take action. She tells Swara to get ready for sangeet while Sanskar turns away from her. She tells her that Kavita and Urvashi were both working together and she apologizes saying that they both were right. Sanskar says that she won’t let anything happen to her and hugs her. He says that she is her life and won’t let anything happen to her.

Ragini arrives and finds both of them together. She tells that Maa wants to see them. Swara greets Kavita and says that she is going to get ready for the sangeet. Kavita gets that Swara isn’t doubtful on her but Swara says that she behaved normally so that she don’t get a hint that Swara knows it all.

Swaragini 10th February 2016

Swara gets Ragini ready for the sangeet. She makes her wear jewellery and other ornaments. Swara suggests her that it looks good without pallu. Then Ragini makes Swara ready and she makes her wear earing and suddenly Swara shouts just to show as if it was hurt and laughs.Ragini eyes get teary and she says that she  has behaved badly with her and can never ever apologize for it. Swara asks her to get over it and wipes her tears as well.


Swara says that she always wanted this sister talk moment and getting ready together and getting married in single mandap. Ragini says then she should have cried first and says that it’s like a dream come true. She says that even Kavita has moved in her life but then Swara tells her everything and ask her to be careful with her and keep an eye on her. Sumi calls them and they both leave.

Swaragini 10th February 2016

Ragini and Swara are on their way down while Uttara takes their photo. Uttara asks Ragini to call Laksh. She says that his suit isn’t pressed but Kavita says that she got it done and asked him to get ready. Ragini comes to call him but is surprised as she doesn’t find him in the room. Here Durga Prasad introduces Swara to guests and relatives. Swara had one eye on Kavita but she lost her somehow. Urvashi calls to warn Swara that Kavita is with her and will do something dangerous tonight.

Urvashi tells her that she is in a hotel room and forwards her the number. Swara denies to believe her but Urvashi insists. Swara thinks to inform Sanskar first and gives him a call but he didn’t receive it. Swara gets tensed and Ragini comes and asks her about her tension.

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