Swaragini 14th March 2016: Kavya Plays Her New Move, Swara Trapped

Swaragini 22nd March 2016
Swaragini 22nd March 2016

Swaragini 14th March 2016: Continuing with the preparations Annapurna ask Sujata about the same to assure all preparations are done well. Sujata assures him. Here Kavya comes with a request that she too wants to be part of the pooja. Sujata also insists and Annapurna allows her to attend it saying that she too is part of the family now. Kavya agrees to do the things as told. (check: Swaragini Last Episode.)

Later Annapurna is looking at lengha brought by Sujata for Parineeta and Swara. Swara and Parineeta join him and praise the beauty of lengha. Suddenly Kavya comes to take Sujata’s blessing scaring her and then she admires the jewellery laying there especially the heavy necklace. Sujata puts her away calling the necklace very costly and that it is not for her. Annapurna then tells her to keep it and Kavya happily thanks him for the offering.

Swaragini 14th March 2016

Ragini is lost in her thoughts of how Laksh was initially sweet to her and then betrayed. She stares at her maan ka tika listening to the song Yeh moh moh ke dhage and then Kavya’s marriage with Laksh. Sumi informs Ragini about the arrival of groom’s family and seeing dilemma on her face Sumi says that they won’t decide anything without her approval. (see: Swaragini All Episodes.)

Here Kavya enjoys being part of pooja and its arrangements. Then someone arrives and Kavya tells him his tailor and has come for altering her dress. (check: Happy Pi Day 2016 Facts.)

Sumi comes and Ragini along with her to the hall. Dadi calls her his lado and makes her sit near her. Groom’s mum is flattened by her and says that Dadi was appreciating her voice refinement that she sings well. Ragini calls it her love. Then Sumi starts on praising Ragini exaggerating her saying that the family will be lucky to have her.

Swaragini 14th March 2016 Episode 275

Groom’s Mother breaks in saying the she is not Sumi’s daughter adding that she meant no offence in that. Ragini thrashes a reply saying that the relations made by feelings are much above blood. Totally impressed by Ragini Groom says YES for their alliance and Ragini blushes. Kavya’s tailor ties something to her dupatta and Kavya cautions him to do his work properly.

Sujata comes to Swara telling that she is having a bad feeling as Kavya is behaving too nicely since morning and that something out of track is bound to happen today. She prayed to God to bless them. Swara then decides to keep Kavya under her observation and recalls her threatening words.

Swaragini 14th March 2016

Here Kavya intentionally puts her dupatta on fire. Laksh sees the same and rushes towards her to save her. The crackers that were stitched on her pallu started bursting and Kavya falls pretending to be injured leaving Annapurna and other shocked. Swara asks Uttara to call doctor whereas Kavya asks Swara to put an end to her act and that she fully planned to kill her.

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