Swaragini 15th February 2016 Monday Episode

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Swaragini 15th February 2016 Monday Episode: The show of Swaragini begins with Kavita telling Sanskar that she will give her proof only if he marries her. Sanskar ask her forcefully how did she killed Urvashi. Kavita says that she will never tell her and she recalls killing Urvashi.

Sanskar asks her than why did she handed him to her. Kavita says that she was sure that he will not accept her. Sanskar tells her that there lies a difference between her and him and that he is happy and proud to choose Swara over her. He then tries snatching her phone but Kavita pusher her away and accidentally phone get swing in the air.

Her Ragini meets Swara and says that she will free her from there. Kavita says that she has many replicas of video and gives her two days of time to think. Sanskar says that he will stay with her decision. 

Kavita tells her that she have concrete proofs and warns him that either he should marry her or let Swara rot in jail. A lady constable comes to inform them that Swara will be transferred to a jail that is like kale pain. Ragini thanks her for the info and Swara starts crying. (Also See: Airlift Collections)

Sanskar again comes to Kavita and ask her one last time to give the video. Kavita denies whereas Sanskar searcher in her room. Kavita again refuses to tell Sanskar and he threatens her. Kavita says that he won’t be able to find recording and if he wish he too could rot in jail and marry Swara there. Sanskar is angry and Kavita says that Sanskar is mine. (Also See: Fitoor Collections)

Sumi here cries thinking of Swara. Laksh arrives there and Ragini ask him about lawyer. Laksh denies and Shekhar ask what he wants to say. Ragini gets a call from Sanskar and ask her to meet him. Ragini ask Laksh to come along with her but Laksh stays saying that he will be family. Sanskar and Ragini get inside the bakery late at night. (Also See: Sanam Re Collections)


He says that Ragini sat here on the couch whereas Ragini is concerned about the arrival of police as alarm is ringing. Sanskar is still entangled in case and her police arrives. Sanskar still is looking for other way out whereas Inspector comes inside and ask about their presence there. Ragini gives the excuse that they are looking for proof and they request the inspector to let them do it. 

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Finally they succeed in finding the exit door. They pass on the information to the lawyer. Lawyer says that this won’t prove that she left the bakery and went to hotel and killed Urvashi. Also he tells them that Swara had a motive to kill Swara but Kavita hadn’t any.

Ragini comes home and tells Durga Prasad about the evidence and everything that the lawyer said. She says that they are left with only one day to save her or else she would be transferred to jail. All are tensed. Sanskar comes to meet her and constables also allow her as for tomorrow she won’t be able to meet. 

Swaragini 15th February 2016

Swara tells him that she thought he won’t come to meet her and says it was good. She says that their relation was still here only and seems to exist no longer.

Swara tells him how she and Ragini came closer now but their relation will too end now. She asks him to leave and reminded her that now they would meet after two days. 

Sanskar covers her head with dupatta and says that they will marry two days from now. She hugs her and starts crying.

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