Swaragini 16th March 2016 Episode: Drugs found in Laksh’s blood, Kavya Exposed in front of Laksh?

Swaragini 22nd March 2016
Swaragini 22nd March 2016

Swaragini Latest Episode: Ragini came to Laksh house and slammed him for doing such a moderate activity. She claims that she doesn’t love him anymore, and he sent his parents to the jail for false claims even they have named their property in her name. Kavya comes and tries to interrupt, but Ragini shuts her mouth up by saying that she is here to meet Laksh.

Swaragini Monday Episode

Ragini even threatens Kavya to speak once again after she tells Laksh that Kavya is here for a motive and have a relation with someone else. Ragini badly exposes Kavya by revealing that she loves a street vendor and wants to hijack Laksh’s money and property. Laksh didn’t believe in her, and she left the house after walloping him at the heart.

Laksh recalled everything that has happened recently and got a hint that Ragini must be telling the truth. He doubts Kavya and asks her to speak the truth else he will go to the police station. He keeps on asking questions regarding various instances where his doubt has increased against her.

Kavya skips the question and goes to prepare coffee for him. Meanwhile, her brother calls for 5 lakh rupees to give the dealer. She came into the room and told Laksh that she is going outside to bring her apron, she went outside to five lakhs and gave them to her brother; who was waiting outside in the backyard.


Laksh doubts as the apron were lying in the room; he enquires, and Kavya treated a story.Kavya came back and started preparing coffee for her. Laksh goes in a misconception that it was just his misunderstanding and Kavya is right.

Swaragini 16th March 2016

Laksh got the final hint about Kavya’s evil plan when she gave the coffee to him and after drinking that he faints on the floor. He recalls the moment when he stood with her family and thrown Ragini out of the house.

He called a taxi for himself and went the hospital. After that doctor told him that he had drugs. He asked whether the drugs could give as a powder in milk and coffee, the doctor agrees. Doctor added that it could be a severe nerve down in near future.

Laksh recalls the moment, Kavya gave him a cup of milk and added some protein to it. He threaded up the reality afterward.

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