Swaragini 18th November 2015 Episode 190 – Colors TV: Ragini Again Planning Against Swara

Swaragini 18th November 2015 Episode 190: This episode of Swaragini started with Sujata telling Annapurna that she thinks Swara is a liar.  Annapurna replied that she isn’t instead Ragini is the liar.Then, she asked to go take sleep. In the mid-way, she saw Ragini crying and she asked her the reason. Ragini told her that Lakshya refused to eat sweets prepared by her for him. (watch: All Episodes of Swaragini here.)

At a moment, Sujata was going to let her know about the memory loss, but eventually stopped. Ragini said to her that Lakshya is feeling good when Swara decided to stay there in the house. Further, she added that Swara is the wife of Sanskar but is staying her husband. Sujata shocked to know about it and asked if she is spending time with him. Ragini replied positively. Sujata asked her the way to show everybody the reality of Swara. Ragini said she has a plan and will work on it on Dhanteras when Swara will go to Kaali Ghaat. (see: Swaragini last episode.)

Swaragini 18th November 2015 Episode 190

In the next frame, Pandit ji asked Swara to tie the thread on Sanskar’s hand. Annapurna again insisted Sujata to not to doubt Swara, but she replied that she can’t trust her. Then, Swara asked Pandit ji to divide the thread into two pieces and he did it for her. Then, Swara went to take her books. In the meantime, Sujata wondered whom she going to tie it. She came to her husband and asked him to get tie the thread. Sanskar said that this is done by a wife to the husband. She replied that she has accepted the saree and prayed for his better future.

Then, Ragini arrived the changed the puja thali with another one and took Ragini’s with her secretly. When Swara tied the thread, he replied that it is their relation and will not let it open. After taking the plate, Ragini reached to her room and place it there and acted to take Lakshya’s napkin. She tried to call Lakshya for the puja, but he said that will come after sometime. Then, while leaving Ragini pretended and acted like what this thali is doing there. She acted to get it back to her, but Lakshya stopped her and said that he will take it to her.

Swaragini 18th November 2015 Episode 190

Swara and Sanskar were in their room. Sanskar said that Lakshya thinks that Swara refused to accept his gift, and added that, that thread will unite them. Then, Swara tried getting back to her thali, but couldn’t find it. Then, she checked the thread and remebered that mauli had rudraksha on it. Sanskar replied that it is fine and asked her to tie on the book. Swara returned and offered her book to Pandit ji. Then, she tied thread on the book.

After looking at the thread, Annapurna wondered that the thread was divided into two, but there is only one on her son’s hand. Sanskar arrived with mauli on his hand. Then, Sujata saw Lakshya coming there and told her mother that Swara had tied the same thread onto their hands. She said that Swara visited the temple, but didn’t gave the thread to Ragini as she has already confirmed it. Sujata tried to manipulate Annapurna and asked to trust her. Then, pooja started. Swara was in shock and looked at Sanskar, but he gave a smile at her. Puja completed and Pandit ji asked all of them to do namaskar and get back to their work.

Swaragini 18th November 2015 Episode 190

Sujata said to Annapurna that the picture is clear now as Swara said that she wanted Lakshya to give a chance to Ragini, but stayed back. Then, when Lakshya cut his wrist, she was the first one to reach him. Further, she added that Swara is the first love of Lakshya and thus he will not forget her. Moreover, she said that Swara spends time with Lakshya in the morning and Sanskar at night and in this way, she is keeping both of them under control. Annapurna slightly agreed to her but in doubt.

Swaragini 18th November 2015 Episode 190

Sanskar told Swara that he use to distribute sweets to all the workers every year as a tradition and then invited her to accompany him, to which she agreed. After a while, she came donned in a beautiful ghagra gifted by him only. Swara tried to open sindoor bottle, but couldn’t. Seeing her, he made her sit and filled her ‘maang’ with the sindoor. Swara looked at him.

Swaragini 18th November 2015 Episode 190

Then, he made her wear mangal sutra. She smiled and stood up and he kissed on her forehead. Soon, he realised that it was just his imagination. Swara asked him where he got lost. He replied nothing and complimented her and wiped off the fallen sindoor from her hand. Then, they wished Happy Diwali to each other. Swara said that she will accompany him to take and distribute sweets.

Annapurna asked Ragini to light the room. Annapurna told that Lakshya will not be staying there because of Diwali and he fears crackers. Annapurna, further, added that he will move to the farmhouse today too. Ragini secretly heard both of them talking.

Annapurna continued talking and told Sujata that he always used to take her along with him, but didn’t ask this time. Sujata and Annapurna saw Ragini hearing them. Sujata said that Swara will go him this time. They thought to do a check in the farm house. Ragini thought that she would have supported Lakshya, but now will do something else. She decided to send Swara to a farm house with Lakshya in a way that will look like she has an affair with him and everybody will believe it. Sujata and Annapurna caught Ragini thinking.

Swaragini 18th November 2015 Ep 190

Ragini disappeared and Laksh, Swara and Sanskar came under the radar of doubt.