Swaragini 19th October 2015 Colors TV: Are Swara-Sanskar Going to Get Divorced? Lakshya Asked For A Second Chance

Swaragini 19th October 2015: Today’s episode started with Shekhar telling them that he hasn’t said anything wrong. He pointed out towards Ragini and said that she pushed Swara in river without any second thought. Then, kidnapped her mother. So, why can’t she poison him.

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Sumi told him that whatever and how so ever she is, she will remain their daughter and it’s their duty to correct her from doing any more wrong. Dadi also joined Shekhar and told Swara that she can’t give Ragini another chance. But, Swara tried to convince them by saying that she is still a family member and has the same relations as she had in the past. She added that Ragini is repenting and wants penance. Further, she said that if they don’t support her then, they will lose her for forever. Dadi replied that she is already gone and not going to come back.

Swaragini 19th October 2015

In the morning, Ragini was seen doing aarti and singing bhajans. Swara and her mother, Sumi got happy seeing her involving in daily works. Dadi, Dada, and Shekhar looker at her. After that, Ragini watered Tulsi plant. Ragini came to offer Aarti to Dada ji, but he walked away without taking it. Similarly, other family members did. Observing the situation going worse, Sumi asked Ragini to give her aarti. She also blessed her with happiness. Then, Swara and Ragini ate the prasad.

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Later, Dadi told Swara that she has prepared Rasgulla for her. Then, Swara asked Dadi that she wants to eat but with her hands. Ragini filled with tears witnessing the showering of love by Dadi on Swara. Dadi also offered sweets to Sumi and told her that she once told right that if she came to know about the truth, the she will love her more than ever. Then, Swara asked Ragini to have sweets. Servant informed Dadi that the photographer arrived. Dadi told everyone that they are going to have a family photograph clicked.

Swaragini 19th October 2015

Swara asked the elder members of the family stand and younger ones to sit down. When Ragini felt sad, Swara tried to console her and said that she is looking perfect. Dadi interrupted her and said Ragini will not be a part of this group photo. Ragini cryingly rushed to her room. The family photo got clicked without Ragini. Kumkum Bhagya.

Later on, Ragini saw Lakshya and Sanskar approaching to home. Lakshya expressed his gratitude for the favours done by Sanskar. To it, Sanskar replied that he is his brother. Lakshya took a look at Ragini and then she cried.

Sanskar arrived inside the house and got blessings from Dadi and other elder people. Swara greeted him. Then, Dadi offered him breakfast. But, Sanskar asked them to borrow Swara for sometime to take her to lawyer for the completion of Divorce work. Sumi approved his request. Dadi replied that it’s happening because of Ragini alone. Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi.

Swaragini 19th October 2015

While in the Maheshwari house, Annapurna is still in shock that Ragini did all of this. Durga Prasad said that Lakshya will never accept her and they can’t forgive her for her doings. Sujata added that Swara-Sanskar’s marriage was also forced. Durga replied that it would be better to break their marriage too.

Further, he said that Sanskar too loves Swara as he accepted the same before everyone. but Sujata said that Swara didn’t. Durga Prasad spoke his mind that she might have changed her mind. On the other hand, Sujata prayed for the refusal of aligning together back. Then, Swara was shown knocking on Ragini’s door and asked her to have breakfast. Ragini opened the door and said that she is fine there. Swara told her that she and Sanskar are going to visit a lawyer. In the other frame, Sanskar was shown telling Shekhar that he will drop back her there after completing the work. Sumi agreed. Then, they left.

Swaragini 19th October 2015

Dadi told Shekhar and her husband that Ragini-Lakshya’s marriage can’t be saved now, but they can save Swara and Sanskar’s. Interrupting her, Sumi said that Swara don’t have any feelings for him. Shekhar agreed with her. But as Dadi said, Sumi agreed to talk to Swara once again on the topic. Durga Prasad talked to Shekhar and stated that they have something to talk about Sanskar and Swara. Then, he agreed to make a visit to his house. Dadi added that they might have the same thing to talk about and they should visit them.

While on their way to lawyer, Sanskar stopped the car all of a sudden. Swara asked him the reason. Then, Sanskar gave her a chocolate and told her about the celebrations. Swara didn’t understand and asked him that they are going to visit lawyer. But, Sanskar signed that Lakshya will be visiting them too.

Durga Prasad was seen telling everybody to give Swara and Sanskar’s marrriage a second chance. Dadi and Sumi got agreed with him. Lakshya thanked Swara for forgetting his bad deeds and asked her if they both can start a new life after the divorce. Swara got shocked.

Swaragini 19th October 2015 Monday episode ended. Stay tuned for the latest Swaragini news and updates.

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