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Swaragini 14th March 2016

Swaragini 1st February 2016The show starts with Kavita spotting the hidden cam and thinks how Swara might have tried to trick her using Sanskar. Annapurna ask Laksh about his love drama with Ragini and taking her sign cheating her. Laksh tell him everything that she signed on papers considering them to be divorce papers of Sanskar and Swara. Annapurna gives Lakshya 3 – 4 days’ time to review his decision and says that he will tell her every truth. Laksh calls Ragini to leave. (see: Swaragini all episodes.)

Annapurna prays to God to anyhow make him understand that he is doing wrong to Ragini. Kavita blames Sanskar that he cheated and forgot that she was the daughter of Drama woman. Swara looking in laptop meanwhile Sanskar wishes that Kavita should be snapped in camera. But unfortunately some religious group comes there and Kavita borrows a dupatta to hide her identity. She whisper’s in Sanskar ears that she wants to meet her and disappears in the group.


Swaragini 1st February 2016

Sanskar walks toward her but she makes a chaotic situation there by screaming snake and Kavita escapes taking the advantage of everybody’s chaos. Swara joins Sanskar and he says Kavita touched her and he recognizes her touch very well. He is sure that she spotted the cam. Swara says that she is fed off his misconception of Kavita. She also tells her that she called Kavita asking her where she is and she sent a pic with the date. Sanskar claims that the photo is edited and she sent it today. Swara says that she is going home and all of theirs time was wasted.

Sanskar asks Swara that is it that she does not believe him. Swara says that she trust him but he is too moved by his guilt. Dadi calls her and asks her to get home as soon as possible. Urvashi tells that she was going home when she heard her mum scream. Swara comes to the room and finds Sumi wounded. Swara asks Dadi about this and Sanskar call the doctor. Swara puts all the blame on Sanskar for all the happening as she told her that she cannot leave her Maa alone, but he never listened to her.

Swaragini 1st February 2016

Parineeta and Sujata have a look at Swara collection of sarees. Uttara says she wishes to buy a shop for Swara. Laksh on other hand tells Ragini that she has done absolutely right by signing on the papers. Ragini hears so much about her and fears that she should stop this.

Sanskar apologizes to Swara and Swara starts crying that she left Maa alone to support him. She says it is enough and ask him to end his Kavita’s Madness. Doc. Tells Swara that all wounds are of nail piercing and she should take care of her. Urvashi says that she will take care of her. Sumi listens to Lori and sings it. Dadi tells that Janki used to do the same for Ragini.

Swaragini 1st February 2016

Swara asks about next? Sumi says that according to her it is strange and goes to see it. She hears it be coming from a closed room. She tells that she looked someone with long nails and hairs and the same person attacked on her. Urvashi advises her to take medicine and rest. Swara stares at her and then tells her that Urvashi had attacked her.

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