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Swaragini 20th January 2016: Today’s Episode begins with Swara looking at Mauli ring on her finger mesmerising of Sanskar making her wear it and is disturbed by a call from him. Swara jested to Sanskar of her unhappiness as she was no more single. ‘Oh’ replies Sanskar. Swara ecstatic with their engagement and says will go for shopping along with her mother. (see: All Episodes of Swaragini.)

Sanskar asks her if she has a blue dress! Then suggests her to go and buy a blue one. Sanskar requests her to come out of house from back door and doing so, she is surprised seeing Sanskar standing there. Continuing their talk over phone, Sanskar ask Swara if her prince has arrived. Swara replies that it may be his messenger and then Sanskar present her the gift.


Swaragini 20th January 2016

Swaragini 20th January 2016

Swara opens the gift to find out a blue colour dress inside and says it is beautiful. Swara questions Sanskar why he loves her so much. Sanskar says he want to love her very much and he want people to remember them always. He ask her to get ready by 8 am. Swara ask him to deliver a message to prince and says a good bye leaving a kiss on his cheek. Urvashi witnesses all this and becomes unhappy .Swara receives a call from her prince that he likes her message and she kisses on the phone saying I love him.

Next day,.. Huyi Huyi Main shayerana Huyi ..plays in the car and Swara glaring at Sanskar. They have a romantic moment and go for picnic. Sanskar marking it his pre marriage love and says he want same in return after their marriage. Sanskar says to Swara that replied that he felt inferior about yesterday. Swara says that his Mauli ring was the best thing to happen to her which proves that their relation was strong, firm and there are like a single soul and gives her a hug.

Swaragini 20th January 2016

Sanskar wishes for time to freeze at that particular moment and then he takes her. Swara asks her is there something special? Sanskar denies that and then he burst the balloon revealing the ring. Sanskar puts the ring in her finger and says that she is married to her now twice and now they are conjoined. They both move towards each other for a hug when a flying disc comes between them. Seeing the children around Swara says that they might have thrown it incidentally but Sanskar marks Urvashi who is trying to hide.

Sanskar enquires Swara if she has seen a woman around. Swara denies any such thing and she says that they should celebrate their engagement by having sandwiches. Sanskar throws the plate saying that she might have got hurt. Swara ask him to forget recalling the words between Urvashi and Ragini and suspects Urvashi Massi to be the woman. Swara shares her suspicion about Ragini and Urvashi and ask Sanskar for a favour.

Swaragini 20th January 2016

Later when they meet Ragini, she questions Swara about her suspicion of her bringing the bad and making the ring missing to which Swara says Yes. Ragini says to Swara that her family and her husband are her priority and whatever is happening to her is because of her karma as she has snatched someone’s love. Sanskar make her recall of her doings and Swara says they cannot trust her seeing her past.

After Swara arrives home, Shekhar receives a call from Durga Prasad saying that they have to go and match the kundlis. Urvashi points if their Kundlis do not match. Shekhar counters the same saying that they are made for each other and Kundlis are bound to match.

Urvashi says lets us see. Sumi gives the kundli to Shekhar and Swara notices Urvashi staring at Kundli with devilish eyes. Later Swara talks to Sanskar warning him about Urvashi and Snaskar says it was just that she was not happy with their relation. Swara apologizes and Sanskar ask her not to say anything bad about her.

Swaragini 20th Jan. 2016

Sanskar tells her that he will get their marriage preponed, giving dakshana  to pandit ji.Ragini comes to room chanting bhajan.She ask for Laksh and pulls the blanket to find out some papers. She thinks what these could be while Laksh arrives and takes the papers. Ragini questions her what is this seeing him getting tensed.

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